Review LUZIFER ‘Iron Shackles’

Although ‘Iron Shackles’ is Luzifer’s debut album the roots of the band can be found years back in time. It was in 2009 when Steeler and Stefan Castevet started the band as a side project to Vulture. While the latter achieved tremendous attention in the German metal underground, Luzifer stayed in shadows. An EP in... Continue Reading →

Review HITTEN ‘Triumph & Tragedy’

Hitten, that’s five metalheads from Murcia, Spain that follow their metal compass that directs them towards 80s inspired heavy metal. The band started in 2011 and had a ‘First Strike With the Devil’ in 2014. Following a two year pattern, two more records hit the shelves and it’s ‘Triumph & Tragedy’ that marks a next... Continue Reading →

Review WITCH CROSS ‘Angel of Death’

'Angel of Death' is not only a smashing thrash metal anthem, penned by Slayer. It is also the title of the new record, unleashed by Danish metal outfit Witch Cross. Witch Cross, hailing from Copenhagen, is a veteran band when it comes to heavy metal. With roots that go back to early eighties, the Danes... Continue Reading →

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