CD review OUTLAW ‘Marauders’

(7/10) The fact that Finland is the home base for many interesting metal bands is well known. One of these bands is Outlaw, hailing from a city with a rather difficult name: Lappeenranta. Singer Lee Anvel and bassist John Kaiser started the band which grew to a five-piece. Guitars are handled by Jimmy Slashburner and... Continue Reading →

CD review SOURCE ‘Source’ – re-issue

(9/10) Don’t get confused while thinking about Source from Sweden. There are two bands with this moniker, while this one here is the epic metal powerhouse. Source is the brainchild of former Portrait axeman Richard Lagergren. After having left Portrait in 2012 the guitarist immediately started to work on an own band – Source. To... Continue Reading →

CD review ARMORY ‘The Search’

(7/10) Gothenburg-based Armory is a metal powerhouse that grew out of the ashes of a band called  Resurrector. The guys debut with an album entitled ‘World Peace … Cosmic War’ and now it’s time for second strike of Swedish speed metal. ‘The Search’, that’s the title of Armory’s sophomore record, features an eleven songs-comprising tracklist,... Continue Reading →

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