Review BILLY TALENT ‘Crisis of Faith’

Mississauga is a city in the Southwest of Toronto, and it is the home of alternative rock band Billy Talent. The five-piece band founded in 1993 and what followed until today was an impressive career in the fields of rock. Starting as a punk-oriented group, Billy Talent moved slowly towards alternative rock and enlarged their fanbase with every album the guys released.

The latest longplayer, ‘Afraid of Heights’ was unveiled in 2016 and it took a while before fans can welcome a next musical strike from Ontario. ‘Crisis of Faith’ is the title of the upcoming Billy Talent album which will be in the stores on January 21st.

Equipped with ten new songs the record has the potential to continue the winning streak. Recorded in the band’s own studio, produced by guitarist Ian D’Sa and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge, the new album benefits from a great and powerful sound which fits all songs and in particular the punk-ish smasher ‘Jugded’. ‘Judged’ refers to the roots and is with one and a half minutes the shortest and most spot-on track on the album.

The good things with ‘Crisis of Faith’ is the versatility of what fans get offered. I just mentioned ‘Judged’ and it is the following ‘Hanging Out with All the Wrong People’, that comes with a reduced pace a great groove. Hooks and melodies are doing an excellent job when it comes to anchor the tune in people’s mind.

The snappy ‘One Less Problem’ is a song that brings some vividness into listener’s life before the ‘For You’ ends the album in a rocking fashion.  

Songs you might have listened to already are placed in the beginning of the tracklist. There is the punchy ‘Reckless Paradise’ with its harder riffs. Still there are enough vocal melodies that ensure the song being a great one for future live shows.

Most of the songs on ‘Crisis of Faith’ are in the three minutes running time spheres. An exception is the opener ‘Forgiveness I + II’.  With six minutes the is a league of its own and when it comes to the vibe of the track, it is slightly different than most of the others tunes on this album. It’s a bit more complex, comes with twists in the middle part and is fueled by a darker spirit. It’s an interesting way to start the album, also considering the aspect of two parts that blend into each other halfway. Is it the hard rocking guitar that drives the beginning of the opener, it is the emotive second half that changes the mood. Enriched with a jazzy saxophone solo the song in its entirety has two faces and still acts as one.

‘Crisis of Faith’ leaves no doubt that Billy Talent will keep on surfing on a wave of success. The five guys find the sweet spot between alternative rock and melodies for the many. This has been the formula of success of the Canadians for some time and they apply it also on their new album, yet without repeating themselves. That’s why ‘Crisis if Faith’ sounds lively and vibrant. If you want to have a good time you should place ‘Crisis of Faith’ on your shopping list.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Forgiveness I + II
  2. Reckless Paradise
  3. I Beg to Differ (This Will Get Better)
  4. The Wolf
  5. Reactor
  6. Judged
  7. Hanging Out With All The Wrong People
  8. End of Me (featuring Rivers Cuomo)
  9. One Less Problem
  10. For You

Label: Atlantic

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: January 21st, 2022




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