THE REVENANTS reveal album details

The Revenants, incl. Michelle Darkness (End Of Green), will release their debut album ‘Ghosts’ on April 21st, 20023 through El Puerto Records. The first song has been revealed already and there 19 more to come. A total of 20 songs will be spread over two CDs and this is how the tracklist looks like: Disc... Continue Reading →

Review VILLE VALO ‘Neon Noir’

If there was one in particular that made the dark side of rock mass compatible in the 90s, it's His Infernal Majesty, also known as H.I.M.. The Finns started in 1991 and kept going, with a small interruption in the mid-90s, until 2017. The debut album 'Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666' helped the band to gain... Continue Reading →

EISREGEN unleash ‘Wiedergänger’

Eisregen, from Thuringia, release these days with 'Wiedergänger' a new EP. The band, which is active since 1995, has packaged two songs on this release and in addition comes a remix version of the title track. Fans of the gothic-based creepy sound will find everything they are looking for on this appetizer for the upcoming... Continue Reading →

Review IN THE WOODS ‘Diversum’

In The Woods hail from Kristiansand, Norway and the band started back in 1991 with a focus on black metal evolving into a band that has a wide portfolio of sounds in its repertoire. Even a longer hiatus at the beginning of this millennium had not stopped In The Woods, as the band returned in... Continue Reading →

GOTT’S EP now also available on vinyl

It was in April this years when a band released an EP that cane right in time for the Roadburn festival. Gott is a quintet from The Netherlands, featuring well know musicians. Farida Lemouchi ( Molassess, The Devil’s Blood) , Twan van Geel (Soulburn, Legion of the Damned) , Thijs van Laarhoven (Severe Torture, William... Continue Reading →

Review (DOLCH) ‘Nacht’

Not so much is known about (DOLCH) and the band finds pleasure in keeping things rather hidden. What has come to light, however, is that the band has some roots in Berlin, which is reflected in both the German band name and the album titles. When exactly (DOLCH) were brought to life is not passed... Continue Reading →


Stuttgart in Germany, a city known for Mercedes, Porsche and Spätzle has also a rather vibrant music scene. One contributor is Schwarzer Engel, a gothic and dark metal project, driven by Dave Jason. Schwarzer Engel (German for Black Angel) has six longplayers under the belt und the next one is ready to be shipped to... Continue Reading →

Review LUCIFER ‘Lucifer IV’

The first time that my attention was directed towards Lucifer was when the band opened for Paradise Lost. That was back in 2015 and I had the chance to witness the band performing live in Utrecht, The Netherlands. A lot happened since then. At the time, the driving forces behind Lucifer was Johanna Sadonis, one... Continue Reading →

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