CD review REDSCALE ‘Feed Them to the Lions’

(8/10) The latest hot summer seasons must have had an impact on bands, hailing from Germans capitol Berlin. If you listen to albums like ‘Feed Them to the Lions’ you could get the impression that the heat of the Kyuss-ian desert sound gets more and more a part of the German metropole.

Redscale is a band, calling Berlin their homebase and the guys celebrate their Stoner Rock in eight new chapters. Fueled by heavy riff power the quartet cruise through the tracklist without taking compromising as an option.

The title track is the first song that reaches your ear drums, a great grooving rocker that creates appetite for more. The positively weird ‘Unstuck in Time’ is another song on ‘Feed Them to the Lions’ you shouldn’t miss and it’s ‘Bells of War’ showcasing a band that also knows how to handle calmer tones in a great fashion. Far too early it is ‘Phoenix’ that closes the books on this great album.

Redscale is a band not that many of you have on their Rock radar yet. This should change since the guys deliver with ‘Feed Them to the Lions’ an album that shows the band’s hunger for good music, guys that know how to write cool Stoner Rock songs.



1. Feed Them to the Lions
2. Hydra
3. Unstuck in Time
4. The Hard Rain
5. Bells of War
6. Cold Dawn
7. Ashes
8. Phoenix

Label: Karma Conspiracy Records

Genre: Stoner

Release Date EU: July 19th, 2019



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