Review SCREAMER ‘Kingmaker’

The region around Ljungby is sadly known to metal fans, as the name is closely connected with the tragic bus accident in 1986, which took the life of Metallica bassist Cliff Burton (R.I.P.). Fortunately, however, there are also positive thoughts that come to mind when you hear about this place between Malmö and Stockholm. This... Continue Reading →

Review THEM ‘Fear City’

Them started as a King Diamond cover band, which also explains the band name. While the debut album 'Sweet Hollow' was still very much inspired by the sound of their idol, Them began to create their own style with the second album 'Manor of the Se7en Gables'. Power metal elements gained in importance, while the... Continue Reading →

Review MAGNUM ‘The Monster Roars’

Melodic rockers Magnum premiered in 1978 with the ‘Kingdom of Madness’ album and belongs since then to the icon of a genre they impacted a lot. One of the success factors of Magnum is the combination of guitar and vocals with Tony Clarkin and Bob Catley, both being the driving forces of Magnum since the... Continue Reading →

MAGNUM announce a new album

British rock veterans Magnum just announced with 'The Monster Roars' a new album. The album will come via Steamhammer and the release is scheduled for January 14th, 2022. Stay tuned for more. Tracklist: 1. The Monster Roars 2. Remember 3. All You Believe In 4. I Won't Let You Down 5. The Present Not The... Continue Reading →

Review RUNNING WILD ‘Blood on Blood’

Running Wild, that is Rock’n’Rolfs vision on heavy metal since 1979. Except for a hiatus from 2009 to 2011 the foundation of Running Wild’s sound never faced the risk of being shattered. The band stayed always true to their sound and direction. After having identified the pirate style image as a good trademark for the... Continue Reading →

Review RAGE ‘Resurrection Day’

It wasn’t exactly easy for Rage and bandleader Peavy Wagner to work on the newest album ‘Resurrection Day’. Just after having decided to grow to a quartet again and after having onboarded Stefan Weber, it was Marcos Rodrigues who decided to leave the band. Still sticking to the idea of having two guitarists in the... Continue Reading →

Peavy Wagner from RAGE talks about the new album, being live on stage again and the importance of the Neolithic period for mankind

Rage came to my attention in 1987 when the band released their second record 'Execution Guaranteed'. Since then, Peavy Wagner and his powerful metal outfit unleashed 26 longplayer showing the importance and strong fanbase of the band. In all the years, Rage always stayed true to their sound while never standing still, just thinking about... Continue Reading →

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