Stuttgart in Germany, a city known for Mercedes, Porsche and Spätzle has also a rather vibrant music scene. One contributor is Schwarzer Engel, a gothic and dark metal project, driven by Dave Jason.

Schwarzer Engel (German for Black Angel) has six longplayers under the belt und the next one is ready to be shipped to the record stores. Logically entitled ‘Sieben’ (means ‘seven’), the album spreads its dark spirit right away. Originally the longplayer was scheduled for 2020 but the pandemic led to a delay, and it will be the seventh day of the new year which marks the release of the album. So, ‘seven’ becomes a kind of magic figure in this.

The tracklist though is longer than seven songs. In total eleven tunes made it on the album, but it feels like seven songs would have been sufficient too. Why is that? ‘Sieben’ doesn’t offer that much new. Today, there are so many bands, cruising through the dark overlap of Rammstein, gothic and NDH. Schwarzer Engel is one of these bands and what the album offers feels like music that had its Heydays a while ago. Regardless of if you listen to the heavy pounding opener or the melancholic ‘Paradies’, nothing is really new or innovative. The same goes for the closer ‘Endzeit’. Not that you’re listening to a bad song. It’s the thrill and the surprise that is missing.

On a positive note, that is the sound and the production of this album. A differentiated and clear sound together with a solid punch, these are the good things that come with ‘Sieben’ and saves the album in a way. However, there are a lot of great bands out there with a lot of new music that wants to be explored while ‘Sieben’ plays it rather safe.  Maybe seven songs would have been enough.

Rating: 6 out of 10.


  1. VII
  2. Kreuziget Mich
  3. Teufel
  4. Paradies
  5. Ewig Leben
  6. Wie viele Jahre
  7. Schlitzer
  8. Vollmond
  9. Ring frei
  10. Schönheit
  11. Endzeit

Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Dark Rock

Release Date EU: January 7th, 2022



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