Review RADIANT ‘Written By Life’

‘Written By Life’ is the second album from German melodic metal outfit Radiant. The band premiered with ‘Radiant’ in 2018 and returns four years later with a new longplayer. The quintet, consisting of Herbie Langhans (v), Carsten Stepanowicz (g), Flo Gottsleben (g), Markus Beck (b) and  Manni Spalka (d) offer eleven songs with roots in... Continue Reading →

Review ALLISON ‘They Never Come Back’

“They never come back”, that is what some people might have said after Allison, the Swiss hard rock outfit, parted ways in 1996. With two albums under their belt, the quintet disbanded after guitarist Jonny Stutz announced that he will leave the band. 21 years later, the band played a gig as a surprise for... Continue Reading →

Review WARPATH ‘Disharmonic Revelations’

Thinking about thrash metal from Hamburg means having Warpath on the radar. The band started in the early ‘90s and after having shipped four longplayers to the record stores a first era came to an end in 1998. Nearly 20 years later, Warpath returned with their ‘Bullets for a Desert Session’ album. This was the... Continue Reading →

Review CRYSTAL BALL ‘Crysteria’

Crystal Ball are entering their third decade. In a fast-moving world, this is certainly a sign of passion and quality. The five Swiss stand exactly for that and have with 'Crysteria' a new album in the starting blocks. After 'Crystallizer' found its way into the record stores four years ago, it is now 'Crysteria', the... Continue Reading →

Review DARK MILLENNIUM ‘Acid River’

‘Acid River’ is the title of Dark Millennium’s fifth longplayer and ‘seven’ is a figure that describes the album well. There are seven songs on the tracklist and each of them is beyond a seven-minute finishing line. And release date is on January 7th. Besides this little sidenote, ‘Acid River’ is built on a storyline.... Continue Reading →


Stuttgart in Germany, a city known for Mercedes, Porsche and Spätzle has also a rather vibrant music scene. One contributor is Schwarzer Engel, a gothic and dark metal project, driven by Dave Jason. Schwarzer Engel (German for Black Angel) has six longplayers under the belt und the next one is ready to be shipped to... Continue Reading →

Review THE ORDER ‘Out of Order’ – EP

Good things never come with a wrong timing. For The Order, a hard rock outfit from Switzerland, this good thing was the release of their ‘Supreme Hypocrisy’ album and the chart entry in Switzerland. The guys aren’t rookies in their home country and getting into the Top 30 is certainly a success. To celebrate this... Continue Reading →

Review PRESTIGE ‘Reveal the Ravage’

Finland’s thrash metal powerhouse Prestige started in the late 80s, in 1987 to be precise. The band released three longplayers before they parted ways in 1992 after having released the ‘Parasites in Paradise’ album. In 2006 metal fans could sense some activities at the Prestige camp, at least a compilation was released that year. More... Continue Reading →

CD review FIREWING ‘Resurrection’

Firewing, not Gus G.’s Firewind, is a new metal band in town, hailing from the US. The quintet consists of Airton Araujo (v), Caio Kehyayan (g), Bruno Oliveira (g), Peter de Reyna (b) and Chris Dovas (d). With a passion for symphonic metal, the five guys penned 14 songs which found a spot on the... Continue Reading →

CD review VELVET VIPER ‘Cosmic Heaker’

After having unchained re-issues of the two Zed Yago classics 'From Over Yonder' and 'Pilgrimage', Velvet Viper release a new longplayer called 'Cosmic Healer'. It's the fifth album from Velvet Viper and it features ten songs plus an acoustic version of 'Götterdämmerung', originally from the 'The Pale Man is Holding a Broken Heart' album. Fans... Continue Reading →

CD review FEANOR ‘Power of the Chosen One’

Their are quite interesting news that reach us from Argentinian power metal unit Feanor. The South American sword and steel warriors started in 1996 and premiered in 2005 with 'Invencible'. In a five years rhythm, two additional longplayers have been unleashed before an interesting turn started to happen. Sticking to the five years rhythm, the... Continue Reading →

CD review SEPTAGON ‘We Only Die Once’

Septagon is a metal band that has its homebase in Heilbronn, Germany. The quintet was founded in 2013 and released with ‘Deadhead Syndicate’ a first longplayer in 2016. After the sophomore record ‘Apocalyptic Rhymes’ hit the shelves a few years ago, it’s ‘We Only Die Once’ being the direction-giving third album. Septagon, that’s Markus Becker... Continue Reading →

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