Review SWORD ‘III’

Sword, that means heavy metal from the French-speaking part of Canada. The band released two albums in the late 80s, of which especially the debut 'Metalized' made a strong impression. However, Sword did not manage to turn this good start into further triumphs and so the band members parted ways in 1995. As with many... Continue Reading →

EISREGEN unleash ‘Wiedergänger’

Eisregen, from Thuringia, release these days with 'Wiedergänger' a new EP. The band, which is active since 1995, has packaged two songs on this release and in addition comes a remix version of the title track. Fans of the gothic-based creepy sound will find everything they are looking for on this appetizer for the upcoming... Continue Reading →

Review JADED HEART ‘Heart Attack’

The Swedish/German formation Jaded Heart was already founded in 1994 and delivers new albums with consistency. The quartet could impress with 'Stand Your Ground' in 2020 and these days it's the new album 'Heart Attack' which is on its way. A total of eleven songs have found a place on the longplayer and manifest a... Continue Reading →

Review GURD ‘Hallucinations’

It's been eight years since gurD from Switzerland released an album. But now, with 'Hallucinations', the wait is over. V.O. Pulver, Pat, Franky and Steve have recorded ten new songs, which will slowly creep into the ear canals of their fans at the end of September. gurD stands for groove metal, based on thundering rhythms... Continue Reading →

Review TRAUMA ‘Awakening’

Trauma, for many, is the band where Cliff Burton played bass before joining Metallica, providing the guys with an incomparable groove. Trauma, however, are more than just the above-mentioned band with Cliff Burton. Trauma began in 1981 in San Francisco and delivered no more than one album in their first phase. 'Scratch and Scream' was... Continue Reading →

Review TOXIK ‘Dis Morta’

Toxik is back with their first new album in 23 years and challenges like a wicked fastball does. But one thing after the other. Toxik belonged to the hopeful bands in the late 80s. The quintet did not only stand for relentless thrash metal but also brought a lot of technical ambition into this harsh... Continue Reading →

Review DARKANE ‘Inhuman Spirits’

Darkane from Helsingborg, Sweden started when bands like Dark Tranquillity and In Flames were already on their way to the top of Swedish death metal. Even though the five musicians could never really catch up with this lead, they managed to constantly expand their fanbase with very good albums. With 'Demonic Art' the band released... Continue Reading →

Review RADIANT ‘Written By Life’

‘Written By Life’ is the second album from German melodic metal outfit Radiant. The band premiered with ‘Radiant’ in 2018 and returns four years later with a new longplayer. The quintet, consisting of Herbie Langhans (v), Carsten Stepanowicz (g), Flo Gottsleben (g), Markus Beck (b) and  Manni Spalka (d) offer eleven songs with roots in... Continue Reading →

Review ALLISON ‘They Never Come Back’

“They never come back”, that is what some people might have said after Allison, the Swiss hard rock outfit, parted ways in 1996. With two albums under their belt, the quintet disbanded after guitarist Jonny Stutz announced that he will leave the band. 21 years later, the band played a gig as a surprise for... Continue Reading →

Review WARPATH ‘Disharmonic Revelations’

Thinking about thrash metal from Hamburg means having Warpath on the radar. The band started in the early ‘90s and after having shipped four longplayers to the record stores a first era came to an end in 1998. Nearly 20 years later, Warpath returned with their ‘Bullets for a Desert Session’ album. This was the... Continue Reading →

Review CRYSTAL BALL ‘Crysteria’

Crystal Ball are entering their third decade. In a fast-moving world, this is certainly a sign of passion and quality. The five Swiss stand exactly for that and have with 'Crysteria' a new album in the starting blocks. After 'Crystallizer' found its way into the record stores four years ago, it is now 'Crysteria', the... Continue Reading →

Review DARK MILLENNIUM ‘Acid River’

‘Acid River’ is the title of Dark Millennium’s fifth longplayer and ‘seven’ is a figure that describes the album well. There are seven songs on the tracklist and each of them is beyond a seven-minute finishing line. And release date is on January 7th. Besides this little sidenote, ‘Acid River’ is built on a storyline.... Continue Reading →

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