Review EXISTENT ‘Kartenhaus’

Existent is another representative from Hamburg’s vital music scene when it comes to rock and metal. The band, formed in 2013 rather spontaneously, premiered in 2016 with an album called ‘Startschuss’. ‘Startschuss’ was not only the title but also the start for the band that these days comes with a new delivery. ‘Kartenhaus’ is the title of a 5-track EP that fires on all cylinders.

‘Kartenhaus’ starts with the title track and there isn’t a moment to slowly get into this release. A mighty riff kicks-off the song, an opener that also has some relevant lyrics. Addressing the bad way, mankind treats planet Earth is the main topic together with fact that things collapse just like a house of cards, which ‘Kartenhaus’ means in German language.

‘Im freien Fall’ is next and thematize intolerance, ignorance and radicalism. This song is clear positioning of Existent. Supported by muscly riffing and great vocal lines the song is a great piece of music, from all angles. The treadmill of daily mainstream life is the inspiration for the powering ‘Tick Tack’. The ticking of the clock is what drives people and not their dreams and passion.

Existent has a lot of vigorous songs placed on the tracklisting of this album and also the soulful moments found a spot. ‘Das Haus am Ende dieser Strasse’ is a calm and melancholic songs about a house at the end of the street, that looks the same from the outside although the person living there is gone, forever. What stays are he memories. It’s a goosebump moment at the end.

Existent release with ‘Kartenhaus’ a pretty cool EP. German lyrics with a meaning, great songs and a lot of energy is what describes these five tracks best, music you shouldn’t miss. These kids know how to unleash raw power.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Kartenhaus
  2. Im freien Fall
  3. Tick Tack
  4. Panik
  5. Das Haus am Ende dieser Strasse

Label: Existent

Genre: Modern Rock/Metal

Release Date EU: July 23rd, 2021




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