Review RAVAGER ‘The Third Attack’

Ravager from Germany is a rather new outfit with their homebase being in Walsrode. After having written some first songs and after having completed the onboarding of new band members, the quintet started to work on a first release, which was a demo called ‘Alarm Clock Terror’. In the meantime, Ravager premiered with a full-length album and added a second longplayer to their list of achievements.

‘The Third Attack’, no surprising, is the third record that comes from the German thrash metal enthusiasts and features ten songs. Being inspired by thrash metal icons like Kreator and Sodom, the five guys take a full-speed direction on their newest release. ‘Intruders’ is the mighty instrumental intro that hands things over to ‘Planet Hate’. The latter is a smashing headbanger that lives by its speed but also includes a well-placed break. The slower paced middle part is as heavy is the full-speed framing and creates an extra level of suspense.

Ravager’s new album is done with an oldschool spirit. The traditional thrash metal roots appear in songs like the grooving ‘A Plague is Born’ and the furious title track. The counterpart to these fierce tunes is what the band offers with the closing track ‘Destroyer’. With eight minutes, the song is significantly longer than the rest of the tunes on ‘The Third Attack’. After an acoustic intro, thing evolve rather quickly. With its galloping rhythm, parts of the songs remind of the earlier Iron Maiden. Although being rooted in thrash metal, some classic metal influences are integrated as well, making ‘Destroyer’ to a pretty good song that rounds-off the album in a good fashion.

The biggest benefit of ‘The Third Attack’ is the sheer energy and dynamic that comes with each of the ten songs. While not really challenging the musical framework of thrash metal, the bandmembers have with Ravager a great outlet for their musical passion. Well done.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Intruders
  2. Planet Hate
  3. Back To The Real World
  4. Priest Of Torment
  5. A Plague Is Born
  6. The Third Attack
  7. Beyond Reality
  8. My Own Worst Enemy
  9. King Of Kings
  10. Destroyer

Label: Iron Shield Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: June 18th, 2021



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