Review DESASTER ‘Churches Without Saints’

1988 was the year of Desaster. It wasn’t a disastrous year though and it was more of a year when some guys from Koblenz, Germany started to make music that shook the foundation of metal. Raw and without compromises, Desaster premiered eight years after having started an extraordinary metal endeavor that is still ongoing. It had a break though in the very early ‘90s when Desaster came to an end for two years. Even in these days of musical silence, it was due to the willpower of mainman Infernal, that creativity never stopped, leading to the band regrouping in 1992, delivering the mentioned debut album ‘A Touch of Medieval Darkness’.

From this moment on, Desaster grew, and it was a deal that was inked with Metal Blade Records, that helped to shift gears even more. Fans of savage metal had to wait a while before being able to hold a new longplayer in their hands. Five years after the latest album escaped out of the dark dungeons it is the release ‘Churches Without Saint’, being a next smashing metal experience.

Black-, death- thrash metal, that’s the blend one gets offered by the Koblenz-based band, not to forget a solid portion of hellish grinning rock’n’roll that’s also weaved into these new songs. None of the eleven tracks on ‘Churches Without Saints’ floor metalheads with endless repetitions and numerous layers that interact with each other. The quartet embraces effective simplicity that manifests itself in song like the massive opener ‘Learn to Love the Void’. The song, that follows the intro ‘The Grace of Sin’, is extremely representative for the album and a well-chosen start into ‘Churches Without Saint’. By the way, the title was envisioned by Infernal and Odin, but it was Sataniac who brought things to life by building on the title with first words about the hypocrisy of religion.

Fitting into the context on the album and still taking a bit of an own route, that is ‘Exile is Imminent’. A guitar sound that reminds of a gothic vibe dominates the song in the beginning before a break hands over towards the typical Desaster riff massacre.

Chiming bells introduce the title track and it is ‘Sadistic Salvation’ being another ruthless track on an album that shows aggressiveness from start to finish. ‘Churches Without Saints’ is a hellish metal experience beyond hypes and trends. The four guys follow their musical vision on this longplayer, and they do it with blackened creativity and dedication. Prepare yourself for this thrill.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The grace of sin (intro)
  2. Learn to love the void
  3. Failing trinity
  4. Exile is imminent
  5. Churches without saints
  6. Hellputa
  7. Sadistic salvation
  8. Armed architects of annihilation (in clarity for total death)
  9. Prinordial obscurity
  10. Endless awakening
  11. Aus Asche (outro) 

Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Blackened Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: June 4th, 2021



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