CD review MADHOUSE ‘Braindead’

Madhouse from Hamburg are a metal band which was already active in the late '80s. However, you can't find more than a few demos and local achievements in the metal archives with the year of 1991 being the definite end. It got quiet in madhouse. 23 years later the door to the madhouse was opened... Continue Reading →

CD review GRINDPAD 'Violence'

'Violence' pushes the pedal to metal and there aren't any moments to take a deep breathe. It's a like you're caught in a musical tornado for 42 minutes before the final note of 'To Those About to Die (20/20) spits you out into reality again. 'Violence' is raw and unpolished. It's dirty Thrash Metal the way it was invented by the mentioned genre pioneers. Grindpad belongs to the next generation of Thrash metal bands and what they offer with 'Violence' is stunningly good.

CD review METALL ‘Metal Fire’

(7/10) Metall is a band not that many of you have on the radar although the quintet has a starting date that was in 1982. The first three years were mainly used to stabilize their line-up before the guys started to record first songs. Metall, and the two ‘l’s aren’t a typo, didn’t have the... Continue Reading →

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