CD FUSION BOMB ‘Concrete Jungle’

(8/10) I can’t tell you to what extent you will find a ‘concrete jungle’ in Luxemburg. What I can report though is that thrash metal has a strong home base in the small European country.

Fusion Bomb is hailing from Luxemburg. The band has its starting point in the year 2010 when a bunch of metal kids started to work together on some songs. It took the fourpiece powerhouse quite a while to get some stuff out on the market and finally, in 2016, a first EP was unleashed.

The independently released disc was well received and helped the quartet to score a deal with Iron Shield Records. The first result of this collboration will hit the record stores end January. ‘Concrete Jungle’ is Fusion Bomb’s debut, featuring ten songs.

Nine of them are own tunes while the closer is a cover version. The quartet took Excel’s ‘I Never Denied’ and covering this track went very well. Choosing this song also shows the main sources of inspiration. If you listen to Fusion Bomb it’s bands like Exodus, D.R.I. and Excel that pop-up in your mind and as soon as things get faster, like with ‘You’re Cancer to This World’, some Slayer-esque sounds get out of the speakers too.

What’s surprisingly good with this debut is, next to immersive power, the sound of this album. It’s Chris ‘Zeuss’ Harris who took over mastering and mixing duties and it added to the positive impression I got from this release. Fusion Bomb, that’s four guys, all committed to thrash metal and ‘Concrete Jungle’ is the fierce and aggressive result of their dedication.



  1. Zest of Scorn
  2. Knuckleburger
  3. Concrete Jungle
  4. You’re a Cancer to This World
  5. Blazing Heat
  6. T.M.N.A.
  7. Bird of Prey
  8. Nyctophobia
  9. Slam Tornado
  10. I Never Denied (Excel cover)

Label: Iron Shield Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: January 25th, 2019



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