CD review A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH ‘When the World Becomes Undone’

(8/10) Slowly but steady A Pale Horse Named Death isgaining momentum. It was in 2011 when the quintet from NYC began theirsuccessful journey and it was the debut ‘And Hell Will Follow Me’ that gave afirst boost. After a critically acclaimed second album the band went on a fiveyears break, a period in which frontman Sal Abruscato focused on Life Of Agonyand their fantastic return

In early 2018 A Pale Horse Named Death inked a deal with Long Branch Records and the way was paved for album number three and ‘When the World Becomes Undone’ is the title of this 13 tracks comprising new release.

A Pale Horse Named Death is into doom and Gothic. That’s at least how you could characterize their music. When I was listening to the new album I was often reminded of bands like Type Negative and LOA. Not a too big of a surprise knowing the musical resume of band members. Heavy down-tuned guitars create a gloomy vibe. Together with Abruscato’s melancholic vocals it’s a dark mood that enwraps the listener of this album.

To intensify this general pattern, the band adds mournful interludes to the album, an ingredient that helps to strengthen the emotional depth of ‘When the World Becomes Undone’. Songs you shouldn’t miss when it comes to this album are the epic and dark title track with its gunge vibe. The following ‘Love the Ones You Hate’ is a small highlight too, adding the Gothic aspect to mix and last but not least it’s the dark beauty of songs like ‘Splinters’, a black rose that blossoms more with each time you’re listening to it.

Bottom line: ‘When the World Becomes Undone’ is an album that fits perfectly into the dark winter time in the Northern hemisphere. Grey sky, long nights, no sun – and this album spinning on the turntable, that’s a match. Longplayer number three will help A Pale Horse Named Death to establish the band even stronger, including the potentially to win over new fans.



  1. As it Begins
  2. When the World Becomes Undone
  3. Love the Ones You Hate
  4. Fell in My Hole
  5. Succumbing to the Event Horizon
  6. Vultures
  7. End of Days
  8. The Woods
  9. We All Break Down
  10. Lay with the Wicked
  11. Splinters
  12. Dreams of the End
  13. Closure

Label: Long Branch Records

Genre: Gothic Metal

Release Date EU: January 18th, 2019



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