CD review SWALLOW THE SUN ‘Lumina Aurea’

(9/10) Swallow The Sun is a band that’s off the beaten tracks when it comes to their music. It was in 2015 when they published with ‘Songs From the North I, II & III’ a three discs comprising release that showed beautiful varity of doom, melancholy, grief and darkness.

Sharp before Christmas the band unveiled a new EP as a kind of appetizer for the upcoming album ‘When a Shadow is Forced into the Light’. ‘Lumina Aurea’ is the name of this EP which basically contains the title song in two versions.

‘Lumina Aurea’ stretches the borders of rock and metal. Actually it’s neither nor. The almost 14 minutes long epos is a cinematic and gloomy masterpiece. No harsh riffs or deep growls belong to the characteristics of this tune. It’s spoken word, choral parts and a sinister vibe that unfolds to beautiful melancholy. It’s hard not to be fascinated by the emotional depth and the level of intensity that’s weaved into every tone of this composition.

The second song on this release is an instrumental version of ‘Lumina Aurea’ which creates the same goosebumps as the original version. Darkness never unveiled its beauty in a much better way than what you get offered by this disc.



  1. Lumina Aurea
  2. Lumina Aurea (instr.)

Label: Century Media

Genre: Dark Ambient

Release Date EU: December 21st, 2018


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