CD review METALL ‘Metal Fire’

(7/10) Metall is a band not that many of you have on the radar although the quintet has a starting date that was in 1982. The first three years were mainly used to stabilize their line-up before the guys started to record first songs.

Metall, and the two ‘l’s aren’t a typo, didn’t have the best conditions for starting metal band. They began their metallic adventure in the former GDR and songs like ‘Easy Rider’ could score some first airplays.before they unveiled mores songs with the moniker of Headless. Various reasons led to a split of the band in 2001.

Twelve years later Metall return, initiated by bassist Sven Rappoldt. The founding member found some new partners in crime and reactivated Metall, an effort that led to a debut entitled ‘Metalheads Out’.

In the meantime we’re in 2019 and Metall releases their second album. ‘Metal Fire’ feels like nomen et omen. The album carries eight metal songs that are rooted in traditional metal from ‘80s. Bands like Accept and Judas Priest came to my mind while listening to ‘Metal Fire’. The repertoire of this album covers everything from fast (‘Metal Maniacs’ and ‘Metal For You’) to more moderate paced tunes like ‘Stay For a Night to Pray’.

‘Metal Fire’ is an album that could be interesting for fans of traditional metal that comes without any distracting or frills. Metall plays music that’s down to earth and has a solid punch, all based on a passion for metal more than anything else.



  1. Metal Maniacs
  2. What is Real
  3. Master Key
  4. Stay for a Night to Pray
  5. Hold the Line
  6. Beneath my Mind
  7. Easy Rider
  8. Metal for you
  9. Easy Rider (German Version, Bonustrack)

Label: Iron Shield Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 26th, 2019



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