Live report CELLAR DARLING, De Helling, Utrecht – 02.04.2019

A few weeks ago Cellar Darling released their sophomore longplayer ‘The Spell’ and embarked on a tour to promote the new longplayer. One of the stops of this road trio is De Helling in Utrecht. It was the last one of this tour, that mainly focused on the UK

‘The Spell’ is an impressive album, bridging various genres. Furthermore it’s built on a concept and the question to what extend the concept influences show and setlist.

Cellar Darling uses the opportunity to introduce the new album, but it’s songs from the debut that act as a starter and also closes the evening. Without having any support band with them on tour, the trio band starts with ‘Black Moon’ into the show, followed by ‘Hullaballo’ and ‘Avalanche’. It is a bit of a bumpy start since technical/sound problems with the drum kit forces an unforeseen break. Although being not that much comfortable with talking, Anne Murphy bridges these minutes very well. Or as she stated, she’s not a Devin Townsend who can talk for an hour without being annoying. Anyhow, well done and everybody knows now the term ‘Kuchikäschtli’.

Besides the short break each of the song is very much appreciated by fans and there’s an excellent vibe in the room right away. Cellar Darling adds two more song from ‘This is the Sound’ to their starting sequence before the first tones of ‘Pain’ fill the room. Talking about fans, Cellar Darling is impressed by the amount of support they got that night and how many fans came out to see the Swiss band.

With such a motivating factor, the trio distills the best songs from ‘The Spell’ and play them in chronological order. Tracks like ‘Pain’, ‘Love’ and ‘The Spell’ don’t lose any fascination in a live environment and it’s the remarkable performance of Anna Murphy that makes songs and show even more intense and emotional than what you receive with the longplayer.

The regular set slowly comes to an end, far too early for the crowd. After leaving the stage for a few minutes the trio returns for two more songs, of which the first one, surprisingly, is a cover version of Queen’s ‘The Prophet’s Song’. Cellar Darling converts the classic from ‘A Night at the Opera’ into an exciting folk metal song, but of course it’s hard to compete with Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. Almost a mission impossible.

Last but not least it is the return the debut (‘Redemption’) that sounds the bell for the last round of this special night. The three Cellar Darlings have successfully managed to establish a new outfit within the last three years and the fact that they don’t went back to Evuleitie songs show, that here’s something new on its way.


  1. Black Moon
  2. Hullaballoo
  3. Avalanche
  4. Challenge
  5. Six Days
  6. Pain
  7. Death
  8. Love
  9. The Spell
  10. Burn
  11. Insomnia
  12. Freeze Love Pt.II
  13. The Prophet’s Sons (Encore)
  14. Redemption (Encore)

Location: De Helling, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Date: April 2nd. 2019

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