Review ANTIOCH ‘V’

Guess what: ‘V’ is the fifth release of Canadian metal outfit Antioch. Now, I guess a glimpse on the album title nurtured the thought already and if you’re familiar with the discography of the metal warriors from Emeryville, Ontario you knew it anyhow.

It was in 2013 when a few metalheads met in Emeryville and decided to follow their passion for heavy metal not only by listening to music, but also become active as a band. The self-titled EP was unleashed in 2014 and since then a few more longplayers have been added to the offer. Since most of the releases have been done in own initiative, it’s the newest album that has a chance to reach a wider group of metalheads. Iron Shield Records inked a deal with the Canadian metal enthusiasts and ‘V’ is the first product that results of this collaboration.

The term ‘longplayer’ might be a bit too euphoric since five songs and less than 30 minutes running time aren’t really what one expects from an LP. Another thing is the uniqueness factor of ‘V’. The guys appreciate the sound of bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Manowar. There is no mistaking that these bands deliver the blueprint for Antioch and the high-pitch screams of singer Nicholas Allaire indicate who’s the role model. Having said all this doesn’t mean that Antioch have not an own identity. The fascination with these five songs comes with the raw expression and the edges that makes ‘V’ to a real underground metal experience. And in case you’re looking for one or two songs to get an idea about the sound of Antioch, check out the well-crafted ‘A Facade at the Third Castle’ and the raspy ‘Cloven Hooves’.

Fans of traditional heavy metal with edges and rawness should listen to ‘V’. Authenticity and a pumping metal heart, that’s Antioch and their music is what headbangers are looking for.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Hang the Eagle
  2. On a Ledge
  3. A Facade at the Third Castle
  4. Demon Wick
  5. Cloven Hooves

Label: Iron Shield Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date: May 14th, 2021


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