Review ROBIN McAULEY ‘Standing on the Edge’

A new album with Robin McAuley at the mic is always an interesting release, knowing the great voice of the Irish rock singer. Unforgotten is the McAuley Schenker Group album ‘Prefect Timing’, the frontman enriched with his vocals. In general, the collaboration with Michael Schenker is a very fruitful one, also thinking about the Michael Schenker Fest. And not to forget the Black Swan album ‘Shake the World’, done together with rock veterans like Reb Beach, Jeff Pilson and Matt Starr.

Besides all these activities, McAuley found some time to work on a solo album, his second one after having released ‘Business as Usual’ in 1999. ‘Standing on the Edge’ is title of his new longplayer which is an eleven songs comprising journey through the soundscapes of melodic rock. The starting point of this longplayer is entitled ‘Thy Will Be Done’ and Alessandro Del Vecchio’s keyboard leads it off. It’s a solid start, followed be the harder arranged title track. I felt reminded of Dokken when listening to the tune.

Besides the hard rocking anthems, the album also provided some space for the soulful aspect of music, in other words, a ballad. ‘Run Away’ is the emotional peak of ‘Standing on the Edge’ and as with the entire album, the song needs time and focus to blossom. What started in my perception as a rather standardized ballad, grew over time and became an emotional highlight of the album. With ‘Late December’, the album features another song, representing the calmer sounds and maybe it’s a bit too much of a stereotype approach here. Instead it’s better to listen to ‘Supposed to Do Now’, a song in moderate pace and a feel-good vibe.

Robin McAuley is best when things get a bit harder, although he can generate emotions with any type of song. Still, the rocking guitar and the raspier vocals on ‘Chosen Few’ work better than some of the other tunes on this release. This song inhales the spirit of rock’n’roll and is belonging to the best ones on this longplayer. All in all, ear-candy in a good fashion.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Thy Will Be Done
  2. Standing On The Edge
  3. Late December
  4. Do You Remember
  5. Say Goodbye
  6. Chosen Few
  7. Run Away
  8. Supposed To Do Now
  9. Wanna Take A Ride
  10. Like A Ghost
  11. Running Out Of Time

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: May 7th, 2021



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