Review CALIBAN ‘Zeitgeister’

An album title is more than just words. It is in a way the framing for what fans and listens can expect from a longplayer and Caliban’s newest record ‘Zeitgeister’ is the perfect example in many aspects.

Caliban connect history with present on ‘Zeitgeister’ and they do it in a way that is more than solely a simple retrospective. The first things that is new is the title itself, since it is in German. And it’s not only the title, actually the entire album comes with German lyrics.

The band realized that songs with German lyrics, in their native tongue, work pretty well for them while working on the Rammstein cover of ‘Sonne’. The idea took a bit to grow and here is the first album that follows the new approach. The other aspect that are connected to ‘time’ is the songs on ‘Zeitgeister’. They are new, and not. With the exception of ‘nICHTs’ and the short intro ‘Zeitgeister’, the tracklist features music that builds on songs from eleven Caliban records.

Instead of re-recording some classics from the Caliban song-depot, the Essen-based band merged the German lyrics thinking with existing tracks and the result is an album that shows again why Caliban are a very relevant band for metalcore. Thundering beats, bloodcurdling screams and shouts, combined with roaring riffs is what ‘Zeitgeister’ offers with the language twist being the door-opener to rework the songs.

‘nICHTs’, the new song, fits into this context very well with lyrics that fits into the present age. The feeling of disorientation and hopelessness, that what the tune addresses and it certainly reflects the soul of the one or the other in these strange und unreal times that feel like a fever dream.

‘Zeitgeister’ is an album that shows progress, based in the willpower to try out new things. Although not being always the smooth way forward, Caliban returns with ‘Zeitgeister’, three years after having revealed ‘Elements’.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Zeitgeister
  2. Trauma (feat. Matthi from Nasty) (Arena of Concealment)
  3. Herz (I’ll Never Let You Down)
  4. Ausbruch nach Innen (Tyranny of Small Misery)
  5. Feuer , zieh‘ mit mir (Between the Worlds)
  6. Nichts ist für immer (All I Gave)
  7. Intoleranz (Intolerance)
  8. Mein Inferno (My Little Secret)
  9. nICHts

Label: Century Media

Genre: Metalcore

Release Date EU: May 14th, 2021



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