CD review WHITE MANTIS ‘Sacrifice Your Future’

(7/10) ‘Sacrifice Your Future’ is the title of White Mantis’ debut, an album that follows a few demo releases. It was Iron Shield Records that inked a deal with the band and 10 furious Thrash Metal songs are the result of this so far fruitful cooperation.

White Mantis, that’s Matthias Plaetz, Andre Krimbacher, Jan Strobl and Thomas Taube. The four-piece band is an elemental force and pressing the ‘Start’-button feels like getting right into a sonic hurricane. There’s no intro, no slow beginning. ‘Cannibal State’ is the first punch right into your face and nine more will follow.  A high tempo, furious solo parts and a crushing beat are what listeners of ‘Sacrifice Your Future’ get to hear after having dropped the needle.

The first moment to take a deep breath is when ‘There’s No Law on the Post-Apocalyptic Highway’ starts with an intro. The song slowly builds up, but stays in a moderate pace. Judas Priest-like riffs are a main pillar of this five minutes long power pack, a song that shows that White Mantis can do much more than solely pushing the pedal to the metal.

These moments are exceptional since most songs focus on merciless tempo. ‘Down This Way’ and ‘Ordinary Loser’ are typical representatives, showcasing the endless energy that comes with the Bavarian quartet.

‘Sacrifice Your Future’ has some potential and White Mantis shows that German Thrash Metal has a next generation of bands in the starting blocks. Here and there the four guys are a bit ahead of themselves and you can get the feeling that they have some challenges their own speed. Still White Mantis is a band that has potential for more and the future will tell how the story will continue.



  1. Cannibal State
  2. Bleached
  3. My Favourite Chainsaw
  4. There`s No Law On The Post- Apocalyptic Highway
  5. Demonic Levity
  6. Ordinary Loser
  7. Down This Way
  8. Cavern On The Ancients 
  9. Catcher In The Grey
  10. Tyrants

Label: Iron Shield Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: September 13th, 2019


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