Review DIE KRUPPS ‘Songs From the Dark Side of Heaven’

Die Krupps and heavy metal, that means industrial sounds meet heavy riffs. This special blend started in 1992 when Die Krupps unleashed ‘A Tribute to Metallica’. Covering metal classic from the Bay Area legends as being an industrial band was groundbreaking. Attention was guaranteed and the EP was a starting point for moving this crossover to a next level. ‘I’, ‘II – The Final Option’ and ‘Paradise Now’ have been great longplayer, featuring hits like ‘To the Hilt’, ‘Fatherland’ and ‘Moving Beyond’. An important factor for the success of these releases was the collaboration of Jürgen Engler, Ralf Dörper and axe wizard Lee Altus who wanted to create music that stands out – and they succeeded.

After this fruitful expedition into new territory, Die Krupps return to their industrial roots. ‘Songs From the Dark Side of Heaven’ is the newest delivery from Jürgen Engler and bandmates. The record features cover versions that at the one hand relate to more genre-specific acts, but also includes some real rock anthems. If you have been always curious about how Blue Öyster Cult’s timeless classic ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’ in an industrialized version would sound like, here is the answer. Or how about ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ from Queen. Also this song went through the electro-sound blender and what gets out of it is actually a pretty cool version.

A song that could be interesting for the metal community too is ‘No More Heroes, originally by The Stranglers. Die Krupps took the punk rock hymn, industrialized it and could win over Roos The Boss for a guest appearance. Punk meets meets industrial.

‘Songs From the Dark Side of Heaven’ isn’t exactly a leather and denim album. It’s the typical Die Krupps electro-pop-rock sound that dominates, enriched by some harder hit guitars here and there. If you’re excited to take a sidestep from the usual musical idols, this album could be an entertaining experience for you.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. The Number One Song In Heaven (originally by Sparks)
  2. Chinese Black feat. Jyrki 69 (originally by The Neon Judgement)
  3. Whip It (originally by Devo)
  4. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper feat. James Williamson (originally by Blue Öyster Cult)
  5. To Hell With Poverty! feat. Big Paul Ferguson (originally by Gang Of Four)
  6. No More Heroes feat. Ross The Boss (originally by The Stranglers)
  7. Another One Bites The Dust (originally by Queen)
  8. Marilyn Dreams (originally by B-Movie)
  9. Collapsing New People (originally by Fad Gadget)
  10. New York (Version 9/11) (originally by MCL)

Label: Oblivion

Genre: Industial

Release Date EU: May 28th, 2021



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