MARTA GABRIEL announces ‘Metal Queens’

Crystal Viper front woman Marta Gabriel announced a longplayer called ‘metal Queens’.  The album reminds of the legendary Lee Aaron record from the ‘80s, which isn’t a coincident.

It’s a celebration and tribute to some of my favorite female vocalists, and a solid piece of heavy metal that fans might enjoy even if they don’t know original versions of those songs”, says Gabriel. “It’s not a random collection of covers – we made sure that it sounds like one big piece, like a real album, and it has this taking-no-prisoners attitude“, she adds.

Gabriel covers eleven songs from metal queens, including the Lee Aaron classic. See here the entire tracklist:

  1. Max Overload (ACID)
  2. Metal Queen (LEE AARON)
  3. Call Of The Wild (BLACKLACE) (feat Todd Michael Hall)
  4. Light In The Dark (CHASTAIN) (feat. Harry Conklin)
  5. Rebel Ladies (ZED YAGO)
  6. My Angel (ROCK GODDESS) (feat. John Gallagher)
  7. Count Your Blessings (MALTEZE)
  8. Goin’ Wild (WENDY O’ WILLIAMS)
  9. Bad Attitude (HELLION)
  10. Reencarnacion (SANTA)
  11. Mr. Gold (WARLOCK) (Bonus Track)

‘Metal Queens’ will hit the shelves on July 16th and the album comes through Listenable Records.

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