CD review KING WITCH ‘Body of Light’

King Witch, that's Laura Donnelly (v), Jamie Gilchrist (g), Rory Lee (b) and Lyle Brown. The four musicians from Scotland formed the band in 2015, premiered in 2018 and have now their sophomore album 'Body of Light' ready for shipping. 'Body of Light' features nine songs, some of the with epical length. The masterpiece on... Continue Reading →

CD review CHRONUS ‘Idols’

'Idols' is an album of a band that could firm under a logo saying 'Youth Gone Wild'. Talent, passion and savvy, that's what the four guys express via songs that are impressive. Hard Rock and Metal fuses on this album to an irresistible mix that you shouldn't miss. I guess this is just the beginning and we will hear more of Chronus in the near future. These guys came to stay.

DISBELIEF offer a next video as appetizer

German death metallers Disbelief have released a music video for their song 'The Ground Collapses' .The song is the title track of the band's new album which will be released on March 27th .  Karsten "Jagger" Jäger stated about the song : "The video is demonstrating the power of nature, it's a pro nature song which shows how small we can be... Continue Reading →

CD review XENTRIX ‘Bury the Pain’

(8/10) You could get the feeling that all the oldschool Thrash Metal formations are coming back - some sooner, some later. UK metallist Xentrix is one of these bands, returning in 2017 with a show the quartet played at Bloodstock Festival. Xentrix is an outfit that started in the mid '80s, with a debut unveiled... Continue Reading →

CD review MOS GENERATOR ‘Shadowlands’

(7/10) Over the last 18 years heavy metal powerhouse Mos Generator released seven albums with ‘Shadowlands’ being the newest one. The longplayer comprises of eight songs of which ‘Stolen Age’ and ‘The Wild & Gentle Dogs’ can be seen as the epical outbursts. Both numbers easily cross the seven minutes line, while rest of the... Continue Reading →

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