CD review DISBELIEF 'The Ground Collapses'

Serious things must happen to make the ground collapse and one of the forces that can make this happen is Disbelief's new album. 'The Ground Collapses' is the title of Disbelief's eleventh album and two years after the earthshaking 'The Symbol of Death' was unveiled, it's the new longplayer being the next smashing release that... Continue Reading →

CD review XENTRIX ‘Bury the Pain’

(8/10) You could get the feeling that all the oldschool Thrash Metal formations are coming back - some sooner, some later. UK metallist Xentrix is one of these bands, returning in 2017 with a show the quartet played at Bloodstock Festival. Xentrix is an outfit that started in the mid '80s, with a debut unveiled... Continue Reading →

CD review MOS GENERATOR ‘Shadowlands’

(7/10) Over the last 18 years heavy metal powerhouse Mos Generator released seven albums with ‘Shadowlands’ being the newest one. The longplayer comprises of eight songs of which ‘Stolen Age’ and ‘The Wild & Gentle Dogs’ can be seen as the epical outbursts. Both numbers easily cross the seven minutes line, while rest of the... Continue Reading →

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