Review CRISIX ‘The Pizza EP’ – EP

What are your weekend plans? Beer, pizza and football? Sounds like a plan and from September on, pizza could become another meaning too. Spanish thrash metal enthusiasts Crisix have a new release in the pipeline, ‘The Pizza EP’. The good thing, this pizza is 100% calorie free and even better, since the five songs are... Continue Reading →

Review MARTA GABRIEL ‘Metal Queens’

Marta Gabriel is known as being the front woman of Crystal Viper, a melodic metal powerhouse that recently released with ‘The Cult’ a new album. Not only that Gabriel is gifted with an excellent metal voice that she also knows to use effectively, but she also knows how to handle the guitar. With these prerequisites... Continue Reading →

Review LUNA’S CALL ‘Void’

Luna's Call offer with their new work 'Void' a perfect basis for analysts and friends of the sophisticated detail. What the guys from Lincoln, UK deliver is music, that is made of beautiful acoustic melodic arcs, which lead to extreme death metal excesses. The whole music is embedded in multilayered and complex song structures that... Continue Reading →

MARTA GABRIEL announces ‘Metal Queens’

Crystal Viper front woman Marta Gabriel announced a longplayer called ‘metal Queens’.  The album reminds of the legendary Lee Aaron record from the ‘80s, which isn’t a coincident. "It’s a celebration and tribute to some of my favorite female vocalists, and a solid piece of heavy metal that fans might enjoy even if they don’t... Continue Reading →

CD review CRYSTAL VIPER ‘The Cult’

Poland's power metal formation Crystal Viper has been with us since 2003 and has delivered no less than eight longplayers as a proof of work. Crystal Viper that's the brainchild of Marta Gabriel. The singer and guitarist is the driving force of the quintet that heralds the new year with a new album. Their first... Continue Reading →

CD review LOUDBLAST ‘Manifesto’

The waiting time for 'Manifesto' cannot be described as short, as it was in 2014 that the guys released their latest studio album to date. 'Burial Ground' was released six years ago and with the exception of a live release in 2017 it became rather quiet. Now, the death metal protagonists are returning with 'Manifesto'.... Continue Reading →

CD review SATAN ‘Early Rituals’

UK Metal veterans Satan recently announced a new release called 'Early Rituals'. Instead of publishing new songs the guys went back in time. At the beginning of their career the quintet, hailing from Newcastle, released three demo tapes. The first two led to the debut 'Court in the Act' while the 'Dirt Demo' followed in... Continue Reading →

CD review KING WITCH ‘Body of Light’

King Witch, that's Laura Donnelly (v), Jamie Gilchrist (g), Rory Lee (b) and Lyle Brown. The four musicians from Scotland formed the band in 2015, premiered in 2018 and have now their sophomore album 'Body of Light' ready for shipping. 'Body of Light' features nine songs, some of the with epical length. The masterpiece on... Continue Reading →

CD review CHRONUS ‘Idols’

'Idols' is an album of a band that could firm under a logo saying 'Youth Gone Wild'. Talent, passion and savvy, that's what the four guys express via songs that are impressive. Hard Rock and Metal fuses on this album to an irresistible mix that you shouldn't miss. I guess this is just the beginning and we will hear more of Chronus in the near future. These guys came to stay.

DISBELIEF offer a next video as appetizer

German death metallers Disbelief have released a music video for their song 'The Ground Collapses' .The song is the title track of the band's new album which will be released on March 27th .  Karsten "Jagger" Jäger stated about the song : "The video is demonstrating the power of nature, it's a pro nature song which shows how small we can be... Continue Reading →

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