CD review CORONARY ‘Sinbad’

Flea markets are generally not a bad thing, especially when they have a section for second hand viny. It was at such a flea market in Tampere, Finland where Aku Kytölä and Pate Vuorio met and realized that they had a very similar musical taste. Plans for their own band were quickly sparked and after three additional companions were found in singer Olli Kärki, Korpiklaani bassist Jarkko Aaltonen and Jukka Holm, nothing could stop Coronary.

What followed was a demo and a split release with Canada’s metal powerhouse Traveler. What was still missing is a debut album.

In the still new 2021 this gap will be closed. ‘Sinbad’ will be out in the second half of February and consists of ten explosive metal songs. If you interpret the title ‘Sinbad’ as ‘sin’ and ‘bad’, the album is definitely worth a sin. And it’s surely not ‘bad’.

Coronary does not claim to revolutionize heavy metal. Instead, the guys focus on metal of the 80s, which they import skillfully and cleverly into the here and now. Great riffs, smooth melodies and a good amount of hardness are the cornerstones of ‘Sinbad’. Coronary’s debut album immediately gets into your veins and already while listening to the songs for the first time they unfold their full potential. But this does not mean in reverse that the tracks become irrelevant after spinning the first time. ‘Sinbad’ is always an energy boost that doesn’t lose its momentum over time.

The quintet from Tampere presents with ‘Sinbad’ a very thrilling debut album. The best thing to do is to press the start button and turn the volume up to the limit. The rest will follow automatically.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Sinbad
  2. Firewings
  3. The Hammer
  4. Bullet Train
  5. I Can Feel This Love
  6. Reflector
  7. Burnout
  8. Fight St. 666
  9. Mestengo
  10. Wonders of the World

Label: Cruz Del Sur

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: February 19th, 2021



Photo: Cruz Del Sur (Promotion)

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