CD review TRAVELER ‘Termination Shock’

With ‘Terminal Shock’ Canadian metaller Traveler add a next album to their discography. The band, hailing from Calgary, premiered a year ago with ‘Traveler’ and it’s the sophomore longplayer ‘Termination Shock’ unveiling again their passion for traditional Heavy Metal.

Being enrooted in the spirit of the NWoHM, the sound of Traveler reflects pure Heavy Metal. ‘Diary of a Maiden’ doesn’t solely have ‘maiden’ in the title. The galloping rhythm has a lot of cross-references with Iron Maiden while the raging ‘STK” doesn’t take any prisoners either. That Traveler also know how to write a half-ballad is what they show with ‘After the Future’.

Blistering solo parts, like in the title track, and great vocals are main assets of the quintet and their music. There’s no doubt that frontman JP Abboud is a real Metal siren with a range that covers deeper vocals as well as high-pitch screams. Power Metal and US Metal, united by the spirit of the NWoHMB is what ‘Termination Shock’ offers in a great fashion.

With ‘Deep Space’ the guys push the pedal to the metal again before the powering ‘Terra Exodus’ ends an impressive 40 minutes trip though the roots of Heavy Metal. ‘Termination Shock’ is an entertaining longplayer that brings together what belongs together, a passion for oldschool Metal, performed by five fellows that follow their heart.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Shaded Mirror
  2. Termination Shock
  3. Foreverman
  4. Diary of a Maiden
  5. STK
  6. After The Future
  7. Deepspace
  8. Terra Exodus

Label: Gates Of Hell Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 24th, 2020



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