Review SMOULDER ‘Violent Creed of Vengeance’

Smoulder belongs to the group of exciting hungry epic metal bands. The group started 2013 and has its origins in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The debut was unleashed in 2019 and with ‘Dream Quest Ends, Smoulder launched an EP in early 2020. Also the quintet had to suffer from the pandemic, and everybody remembers Smoulder’s dramatic... Continue Reading →

Review GATEKEEPER ‘From Western Shores’

Canadian epic metal force Gatekeeper first hit the scene in 2013 when they released their first EP called 'Prophecy and Judgement'. However, it took a few more years until the band could finish their first full-length studio album 'East of Sun', which was released through Cruz Del Sur. With 'From Western Shores' the second album... Continue Reading →

Review MYTHOSHERE ‘Pathological’

Mythosphere is a new band with familiar faces. Member of Bezzlefuzz, Fates Warning and Pale Divine have teamed up to make some music together. The result is an album that should be well received in epic metal communities. Mythosphere are Dana Ortt, Victor Arduini, Ron McGinnis and Darin McCloskey. The quartet combines traditional heavy metal... Continue Reading →

Review SONJA ‘Loud Arriver’

Sonja is the brainchild of Melissa Moore. Some of you may remember her as Vic Crom and her time with Absu. The latter kicked Moore out of the band after her transgender outing, which says a lot about the band's mindset. Moore didn't bury her head in the sand, however, and new willpower and creativity... Continue Reading →

Review FER DE LANCE ‘The Hyperborean’

‘The Hyperborean’ is the name of Fer De Lance’s debut album that hits the shelves these days. The band, in contrary to the French-sounding name, hails from Chicago, Illinois and unleashed a first EP called Colossus’ in 2020 via Cruz Del Sur Music. The label, being known for their exquisite epic metal portfolio, discovered the... Continue Reading →

Album details and first song from MIRROR

Mirror announced their third studio album. ‘The Day Bastard Leaders Die’ is the title of the new metallic strike from Greece. Being inspired by ‘70s rock and the spirit of the NWoBHM, Mirror recorded nine songs of which the first one has been launched already. ‘Souls of Megiddo’ is the tile of this musical appetizer... Continue Reading →

Review TOWER ‘Shock to the System’

I've heard good things about Tower, but I haven't heard anything from Tower until today. I can now end this shortcoming, because at the moment I'm listening to 'Shock to the System', the second album of the New Yorkers, on endless loop. Tower was formed in 2015 and had with 'Tower' their self-titled debut in... Continue Reading →

Review PHARAOH ‘The Powers That Be’

Fans of American metallers Pharaoh had to be patient for quite a while. They had to wait nine long years before the fifth album of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- based quartet finds a way into the record stores. The guys premiered in 2003 with the 'After the Fire' album and went through a pretty consistent release... Continue Reading →

CD review WHEEL ‘Preserved in Time’

Wheel pt.2 - in a way. Important is not to mix up Wheel from Germany with the Finnish prog metal band, sharing the same moniker. In this review we are talking about the quartet, hailing from Dortmund, Germany and instead of progressive metal sounds it's more the slo-mo doom riffs that break ground on 'Preserved... Continue Reading →

CD review LUNAR SHADOW ‘Wish to Leave’

Lunar Shadow from Siegen, Germany began in 2014 a journey through the sound worlds of heavy metal, which so far includes three episodes. It all started with 'Triumphator', a self-released EP that helped the guys seal a deal with Cruz Del Sur. Since then, the five guys from North Rhine-Westphalia have been releasing a new... Continue Reading →

CD review CORONARY ‘Sinbad’

Flea markets are generally not a bad thing, especially when they have a section for second hand viny. It was at such a flea market in Tampere, Finland where Aku Kytölä and Pate Vuorio met and realized that they had a very similar musical taste. Plans for their own band were quickly sparked and after... Continue Reading →

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