CD review SATAN ‘Early Rituals’

UK Metal veterans Satan recently announced a new release called ‘Early Rituals’. Instead of publishing new songs the guys went back in time. At the beginning of their career the quintet, hailing from Newcastle, released three demo tapes. The first two led to the debut ‘Court in the Act’ while the ‘Dirt Demo’ followed in 1986 and helped to pave the way for ‘Suspended Sentence’.

‘Early Rituals’ shows clearly where the band stood in the ’80s. Satan played raw Heavy Metal in the spirit of the NWoBHM. Re-releasing the three demos on CD/vinyl is not only intersting for collecors and die-hard fans. The oldschool vibe that swings with each of the songs sends you back to the roots of British Metal and should be exciting for metalheads in general.

An interesting side note is the fact that Satan at the time faced various line-up changes. What we are looking here at are three demos with three singers and three drummers, something you don’t get every day. Still each of the songs reflects Satan with 100%, which shows the strong musical vision of Satan.

If you want to take a trip down the memory lane of Metal, ‘Early Rituals’ is what you should feed your record-player with. Satan is real 🙂


  1. Kiss Of Death
  2. Heads Will Roll
  3. Oppression
  4. The Executioner
  5. Into The Fire – Trial By Fire
  6. Blades Of Steel
  7. No Turning Back
  8. Break Free
  9. Pull The Trigger
  10. The Ritual
  11. Key To Oblivion
  12. Hear Evil See Evil Speak Evil
  13. Fuck You
  14. The Ice Man

Label: Listenable Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: September 25th, 2020



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