CD review AYREON ‘Transitus’

A release that has carved the moniker Ayreon on the cover artwork is always more than merely a longplayer. Ayreon is the outlet for Arjan Lucassen’s creative ideas, already manifested in stellar outputs such as ‘Into the Electric Castle’, The Human Equation’ and some more. The latest album was the 2017 release ‘The Source’, followed now by a next excellent musical creation.

‘Transitus’ is the title of Lucassen’s next milestone in music that lifts the bar again, something that was looked at as being the impossible. In contrary to the earlier releases, ‘Transitus’ builds a storyline neither on science nor on Science Fiction. This time the narrative is based on a concept of horror with gothic elements. The songs are doubtlessly the cornerstones of the album with a storyteller being the connective element. Lucassen managed to get actor Tom Baker on board. Baker became famous by the TV series ‘Dr. Who’ and his voice fits extremely well to ‘Transitus’. What a great choice.

Next to Baker, and similar to the earlier releases, also this time guests are taking over important roles. The main characters of the story are Daniel (Kamelot’s Tommy Karevik) and Abby (Oceans Of Slumber’s Cammie Gilbert). Both of them are doing a great job when it comes to bring the characters to life. And there are more guest being part of ‘Transitus’. Simone Simons (Epica), Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Joe Satriani and many others add their piece to the total. The all make the story of ‘Transitus’ to a lively and thrilling experience for listeners.

‘Transitus’ is the most cinematic release penned by Lucassen. Strengthened by the visual contribution of a 25-pages comic book, the release lifts Ayreon to a next level when it comes to music and concept. Theatrical, progressive and brave, that’s “Transitus’. With it’s musical elements and a thrilling plot the album screams for a stage production and time will tell if this will become reality somewhere in time. However, already the release itself and the added comic book is a treat for fans of Rock music that’s done with great craftsmanship, enthusiasm and immense willpower. Good is not good enough for Lucassen and the longplayer manifests the result of such an approach in a parade of 22 songs, showing no weak spot from start to finish. Impressive.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Fatum Horrificum
  2. Daniel’s Descent into Transitus
  3. Listen to My Story
  4. Two Worlds Now One
  5. Talk of the Town
  6. Old Friend
  7. Dumb Piece of Rock
  8. Get Out! Now!
  9. Seven Days Seven Nights
  10. Condemned Without a Trial
  11. Daniel’s Funeral
  12. Hopelessly Slipping Away
  13. This Human Equation
  14. Henry’s Plot
  15. Message from Beyond
  16. Daniel’s Vision
  17. She is Innocent
  18. Lavinia’s Confession
  19. Inferno
  20. Your Story is Over!
  21. The Great Beyond
  22. Abby in Transitus

Label: Music Theories Recordings

Genre: Metal Opera

Release Date EU: September 25th, 2020



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