CD review GAZPACHO ‘Fireworker’

Norwegian Art-Rock veterans Gazpacho are for sure belonging to spearhead of progressive music, hailing from the Scandinavian country. Delivering numerous longplayers in 17 years means a lot of experience the guys utilize for working on new material. This approach and effort capitalizes in a new offer from Gazpacho, called ‘Fireworker’.

Although being the opener, ‘Space Cowboy’ acts as a centerpiece of the album. Gazapcho show the whole width of their music in nearly 20 minutes, all under the banner of ‘Space Cowboy’. Choral passages, fragile moments and rising heaviness towards the end is what makes the opener to a preview of what to expect with the next four songs.

Indeed, ‘Fireworker’ doesn’t contain more than five tracks and still delivers 51 minutes of sophisticated music. There is the majestic title track and the calmer ‘Antique’, sketching the entire width of Gazpacho musical landscape.

The creators of worlds of sounds end the album with another epos. ‘Sapien’ is another extra-long composition with a cinematic expression. Gazpacho finish-off in an emotional touching manner, showing again the musical ability that comes with each of the six musicians, culminated in an album that challenges also from a lyrical concept. The atmospheric Rock on ‘Fireworker’ takes another look at philosophical quandaries, stimulating literary leanings, and haunting personal turmoil. By that, Gazpacho continues their conceptually approach and provides with ‘Fireworker’ an umbrella that covers previous themes.

‘Fireworker’ is an album that showcases a band with musical ambitions, using their entire musical toolkit to compose hand-craft music that has a meaning. Instead of writing songs, Gazpacho offer on ‘Fireworker’ a next chapter of musical wow. Jaw-dropping moments are guaranteed.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Space Cowboy
  2. Hourglass
  3. Fireworker
  4. Antique
  5. Sapien


Genre: Prog Rock

Release Date EU: September 18th, 2020



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