CD review BROTHER FIRETRIBE ‘Feel the Burn’

Brother Firetribe started their ear-candy production again and the result is their fifth longplayer called ‘Feel the Burn’. That the guys are on fire when it comes to catchy Rock songs is what they showed on their earlier records and the new release didn’t bring a change of musical direction.

Three years after having launched with ‘Sunbound’ their latest album the continuation gets to the shelves in September this year. Right before autumn kicks-in and covers everything in grey, Brother Firetribe provide a musical rainbow that keeps the good times rolling.

Songs like ‘Bring on the Rain’, ‘Battle Ground’ and ‘I Salute You’ are sticky but thrilling. A bit of Europe, some earlier Bon Jovi and a solid portion AOR is a mix that’s hard to resist to listen to, openly or behind closed doors. The ten songs on ‘Feel the Burn’ don’t fail to have the desired effect.

‘Feel the Burn’ is an album that comes with a positive vibe throughout. It has the potential to push clouds to the side, giving space to sun-rays that let everything shine colorful. OK, that might sound a bit pathetic. However, if you are looking for a positive spirit in strange times, ‘Feel the Burn’ is the album you should check out.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. I Salute You
  2. Arianne
  3. Night Drive
  4. Charlot of Fire
  5. Bring on the Rain
  6. Love is a Beautiful
  7. Ticking Away
  8. Battle Griund
  9. Cabdle in the Window
  10. Rock in the City

Label: Odyssey Music Network

Genre: Melodic Rock

Release Date EU: September 18th, 2020



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