CD review PALACE ‘Binary Music’

(7/10) Palace is pretty much of a one-man show. The rock outfit was founded by singer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Palace and the band is truly his brainchild. ‘Binary Music’ is the second album of Palace, done by Michael Palace in the lead and with Daniel Flores (d) as being the one adding the heartbeat to... Continue Reading →

CD review LIONCAGE ‘ Turn Back Time’

(7/10) Lioncage premiered in 2015 with ‘Done at Last’ before they went into studio again two years later to record ‘Second Strike’. Already one year later the third album is in the starting blocks, ready to spread a melodic rock vibe. The band from Elmshorn, Germany put together a 12 songs tracklist, including songs that... Continue Reading →

CD review VON BALTZER ‘Cultural Daze’

(7/10) Swedish AOR outfit Von Baltzer unveils its ‘Cultural Daze’ album end of June. The longplayer features ten melodic rock songs, referring back to 80’ rock of bands like Asia and Bon Jovi. Von Baltzer is a band I have heard for the first time by receiving the promo for their current longplayer. Swedish melodic... Continue Reading →

CD review SUNSTORM ‘Road to Hell’

(9/10) Sunstorm is the solo project of hard rock veteran Joe Lynn Turner. Twelve years ago it was the charismatic singer and Frontiers Music president Serafino Perugino that explored options for such an endeavor. Things turned out well with a self-titled debut hitting the shelves in 2006. What started as a project found a continuation... Continue Reading →

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