CD review TÖXIK DEATH ‚Sepulchral Demons‘

Töxik Death, hailing from Norway, has nearly 20 years on their back, but so far only have one longplayer released. The guys premiered in 2014 with ‚Speed Metal Hell‘, before line-up trouble forced a break. Singer and the entire rhythmsection needed to be replaced after the first question, continue or not, was answered positively. With three new players onboard, Henning Haugland (v), Espen Haukelid (b) and Jacob Yttredal (d), the founders Anders Waage and Tore Vik could start working on a new album that is now in the starting blocks.

The sophomore album of the Norwegian quintet is an elemental force. Seven songs and 33 minutes is enough to swing the sonic wreckingball without mercy. The title track ‚Sepulchral Demons‘ marks the beginning of an album that feels like a punch in the face. After a short intro the song gains intensity in no time, being the fierce opener such an album screams for. Töxik Death doesn‘t spend much time on complex layers and frills. Instead it‘s the aggressiveness and firepower that rules.
After the title track set the standards for the album, it‘s up to ‚Savage Nights‘ to continue the thrilling trip through Töxik Death‘s newest delivery. The songs keeps the level of speed quite high and can surely compete with the opener.

With each next track on this album the excitement rises. Töxik Death doesn’t know about the existence of brakes, although the use breaks instead. ‚Sadistic Sorcery‘ is a song I also would like to highlight. Again, a brisk tempo is mandatory, spiced-up by furious guitars and raspy vocals, which fit perfectly to this blistering Metal assault.

There is one track though that breaks the pattern of speed. ‚Morbid Divination‘ shows that Töxik Death has a wider toolkit than solely pushing the pedal to the metal. Seven minutes and a sinister vibe characterizes a song that is the best one on the album. It‘s the variations, while sticking to the main signature sound, that elevates ‚Morbid Divination‘ from the well-crafted rest.

After having fixed all the line-up challenges, Töxik Death returns with an album that belongs to the highlights this year. These five guys follow their unleashed passion for aggressive Heavy Metal that doesn‘t consider any trends or hypes. The band reminds me of Night Demon, not mainly due to their sound but because of their willpower and energy. ‚Sepulchral Demons‘ is a raw ride and the guys manage that hell breaks loose from start to finish. A headbanger‘s delight.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Sepulchral Demons
  2. Savage Nights
  3. Malicious Assassin
  4. Sadistic Sorcery
  5. Morbid Divination
  6. Incantation of Annihilation
  7. Undead Vengeance

Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Speed- /Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: August 21st, 2020


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