DVD review SEPTICFLESH ‘Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX’

Watching live DVD’s these days feels like looking at something that feels ages away already. Melancholy and hope are primal feelings these days when it comes to concerts and maybe it’s the DVD’s that help to bridge the wait.

In this context Septicflesh’s newest live release could be of good assistance. The video-clips that whetted the appetite for this release so far are impressive, and not merely due to the orchestra that supported the four guys from Greece.

Septicflesh played a show at Metropolitan Theater in Mexico City in February 2019 and the masters of Symphonic Death Metal spared no effort to make this night to a special one. It wasn’t only the four guys on stage that night. Septicflesh invited over 100 muisicans from the ‘Symphonic Experience Orchestra’,  the ‘Enharmonía Vocalis Choir’ and the ‘National University of Mexico Children’s and Youth Choir’.

Filmed with various cameras from different angles, watching the show becomes an exciting way to spent 1.5 in front of the TV screen. It’s mainly the visual contrast between band and orchestra that sticks out, supported by a light show that is rather basic, but solid.

It’s mainly the music that makes this release to a good one. Not every Metal and orchestra combination in the past turned out as a great endeavor. In this case thought both parts harmonize well, providing some extra depth and density to Septicflesh classics like ‘Anubis’ and ‘The Vampire from Nazareth’.

To sum up: ‘Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX’ is a release fans of Septicflesh will appreciate and if you are lacking a certain vibe of live shows, it might be a bit of a cure too. And last but not least, it’s the enthusiastic Mexican Metal audience that shows why nothing can compensate for not existing live shows.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Intro
  2. Portrait of a Headless Man
  3. Martyr
  4. Prototype
  5. The Pyramid God
  6. The Enemy of Truth
  7. Communion
  8. The Vampire from Nazareth
  9. Dogma of Prometheus
  10. Lovecraft’s Death
  11. Dante’s Inferno
  12. Persepolis
  13. A Great Mass of Death
  14. Anubis
  15. Dark Art

Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Symphonic Death Metal

Release Date EU: July 31st, 2020



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