DVD review SEPTICFLESH ‘Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX’

'Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX' is a release fans of Septicflesh will appreciate and if you are lacking a certain vibe of live shows, it might be a bit of a cure too. And last but not least, it's the enthusiastic Mexican Metal audience that shows why nothing can compensate for not existing live shows.

DVD review TRIPTYKON With The METROPOLE ORKEST ‘Requiem (Live at Roadburn)’

'Requiem (Live At Roadburn 2019)' shows in perfection how creativity can be used to challenge existing frames without losing its own core. Filmed with various cameras, this release transports music and spirit of a unique concert right into your living room. It's jaw-dropping music and you can see it with fan reactions. Instead of being a wild crowd, rapt fans fill the sold-out big hall at 013 and it was enthusiastic, but also respectful cheering that rewarded Warrior, Triptykon and everybody involved for all the effort put into this project. Impressive.

DVD review THE NEAL MORSE BAND ‘The Great Adventour – Live in Brno 2019’

'The Great Adventour - Live in Brno 2019' will bring a lot of joy and entertainment to the homes of Prog Rock fans. It's a really cool thing to see the protagonists live at work, but last but not least it's the music being the golden nugget of The Neal Morse Band. To enjoy it you might want to close your eyes once in a while, allowing you to dive into the world of the greatness of sounds by The Neal Morse Band.

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