(10/10) German Post-Rock powerhouse Long Distance Calling played three special show in early 2019. The quartet has chosen unusual locations for concerts that have been performed under the banner of ‘Seats & Sounds’. The final show of this triple took place in Hamburg at Kulturkirche Altona. The neo-gothic church, built in 1873, was the impressive scenery for a concert that was special in many aspect.

First of all it’s the imposing location that framed this show, making it to more than just a concert. It was an experience. Secondly the sound at such a venue is different and excellent. Last but not least it was the entire ‘Avoid the Light’ album that has been performed in the second part of the show celebrating the 10th anniversary of the album (more impressions and the live report of the concert can be found HERE).

Playing a unique show like this should be also captured and Long Distance Calling decided the tape the one in Hamburg. On November 1st, nearly 6 months after showtime, it’s ‘STUMMFILM – Live from Hamburg’, that brings this concert right to your place. Filmed by numerous cameras the release is more than only capturing a concert. ‘STUMMFILM – Live from Hamburg’ features a show with excellent music, a cinematic light show, an enthusiastic audience and a magic atmosphere, all together leading to a notably moment in time.

Long Distance Calling, that’s a band experimenting with their music and it’s this open mindset that also allowed them to try out these ‘Seats & Sounds’ shows, a brave decision rewarded by every Long Distance Calling fan.

Last but not least the Muenster-based quartet also invited two guests. Luca Gilles on cello and Aaron Schrade on percussion and electronic beats added some extra density to songs on a setlist that supported the uniqueness of the show.

‘STUMMFILM – Live from Hamburg’ is an authentic live recording that allows fans that couldn’t join, to get an impression of what happened in Hamburg on April 6th (with the benefit of a more comfortable seating on your own couch). And for the ones that joined the concerts it brings back memories of a great night. Take a seat, press start and enjoy the show.

Rating: 10 out of 10.


  1. Into the Black Wide Open
  2. The Very Last Day
  3. In the Clouds
  4. Like a River
  5. On the Verge
  6. Interlude
  7. Out There
  8. Apparitions
  9. Black Paper Planes
  10. 359O
  11. I Know You, Stanley Milgram!
  12. Sundown Highway
  13. Flux
  14. Metulsky Curse Revited

Label: Inside Out Music

Genre: Post-Rock

Release Date EU: November 1st, 2019



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