CD review DICTATED ‘Phobos’

(8/10) Dutch Death Metal powerhouse Dictated has with ‘Phobos’ their third album in the starting blocks, following the debut from 2010 and the sophomore ‘The Deceived’. Dictated is the brainchild of Jessica Otten and Sonja Schuringa, both handling Dictated’s guitars. Next the two girls it’s York Keijzer (v), Koen Verstralen (b) and Frank Schilperoort (d) completing the line-up that recorded with ‘Phobos’ a brutal Death Metal onslaught.

Lyrically the album is build on all kinds of phobia, split up into eleven chapters. Starting with the fear of height (‘Hypso’) via the fear of mirrors (‘Eisoptro’) to the final fear of rejection that album covers a lot of things people are afraid of.

The lyrical concept is embedded in brutal sound structures that start right away, music some people might be afraid of too. Not the experienced metalhead though.

‘Hypso’ leads things off and it starts with a blast. The songs a ‘0-100 start’ with hoarse vocals and extremely fast guitars and beats. It almost feels like the band being ahead of themselves with this opener. What a start.

There are quite some of the uptempo smashers on ‘Phobos’ but the guys also reduce pace, which makes them sound even heavier. ‘Taphe’, the fear of being buried alive, is a song that comes with some slower and grooving parts, reminding me partly of Six Feet Under. Another song following a similar pattern is ‘Apeiro’, the fear of infinity. Tempo is reduced even more and it’s massive riffing that makes the tune to a highlight on Dictated’s third album.

Death Metal, hailing from The Netherlands, has a long tradition and Dictated is a band that brings an oldschool spirit into there and now. If you want to face your fears, listen to ‘Phobos’.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Hypso
  2. Thalasso
  3. Lysso
  4. Taphe
  5. Chira
  6. Apeiro
  7. Eisoptro
  8. Glosso
  9. Trypo
  10. Athaza Gora
  11. Atychi

Label: self-released

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: October 25th, 2019



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