CD review ARMORED DAWN ‘Viking Zombie’

(6/10) The third album of a band is often a decisive one and Brazilian Armored Dawn reaches this milestone with their new longplayer entitled ‘Viking Zombie’. A first glimpse on the artwork makes you think of Amon Amarth and the work ‘viking’ in the title even aplifies the first thought.

Now, Armored Dawn is for sure melodic but has nothing to do with Death Metal and it shows a bit the dilemma of the album. The sextet from Brazil falls between the cracks. Although you might interpret the ‘viking’ more a in brotherhood-thinking it’s a unusual theme for a South American band. It feels more like ‘viking’ being a buzz thing right now and and Armored Dawn being a band that wants to participate in it.

But let’s move on to the music. ‘Viking Zombie’ offers a modern version of Power Metal. Especially the riffing is well-done, delivering heaviness as well as melodies being great to listen to. Unfortunately the vocals can’t entirely live up to the powerful guitar play, something that becomes obvious already with the opener. Average vocals and standard melodies doesn’t lead to excitement and there are more songs like this on ‘Viking Zombie’.

Fans of melodic Modern Metal might become friends with ‘Viking Zombie’. In general though the record shows some potential when it comes to guitars, but if this is enough for the final breakthrough is a doubtful thing.

Rating: 6 out of 10.


  1. Ragnarok 
  2. Animal Uncaged   
  3. Viking Zombie 
  4. Fire And Flames
  5. The Eyes Of The Wolves
  6. Face To Face
  7. Drowning
  8. Heads Are Rolling
  9. Blood On Blood
  10. Embrace The Silence
  11. Rain Of Fire 

Label: self-released

Genre: Modern Power Metal

Release Date EU: October 18th, 2019



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