DVD review KREATOR ‘London Apocalypticon – Live at the Roundhouse’

Thrash Metal veterans has been on the ‘Apocalypse tour’ two years ago, playing over 150 shows. One stop on the European leg of this tour was at 013 in Tilburg, The Netherlands, while the last gig of this long journey took place at Roundhouse in London.The final concert was recorded and captured on video, being the base for this new Kreator live release.

Just listening to the CD version of ‘London Apocalypticon – Live at the Roundhouse’ is already a treat, while it’s the DVD-/Bluray format that amplifies the positive impression. Music is about transporting emotions and Kreator is a master of creating a hellish atmosphere during their shows. The quartet doesn’t simply play song from an album, they create an experience that puts a spell on you.

On CD, and even more on the DVD/Bluray, you can feel the energy in the room while going through the 17 songs featuring setlist. Although the tour was mainly to promote Kreator’s latest longplayer ‘Gods of Violence, 4 songs have been performed from this milestone release, the setlist reflected 30+ years of Kreator.

‘The Four Horsemen Choir of the Damned’ introduces you to the show and ‘Enemy of God’ takes over seamlessly. We are right into 73 minutes of finest German Thrash Metal. As mentioned, the release contains the entire Kreator live power with neck-muscle challenging Metal anthems like ‘Awakening of the Gods’, ‘Gods of Violence’ and ‘Satan is Real’.

What more?  Mille dedicated ‘Fallen Brother’ to legends not being amongst us anymore, icons like Lemmy, Fast Eddie Clark, Phil Taylor and and Dimbag Darrell and it’s the stellar ‘Phobia’ that is on endless loop on my player.

Once in a while Mille needed to remind the crowd that the show is filmed. Prior to ‘Flag of Hate’ the guys in the back and on the balcony need to be louder, a demand they easily follow before the smashing riff of the Kreator classic turned the Roadhouse again into a madhouse. Circle pits and crowd-surfing are the best way for Kreator fans to enjoy music and show, and the London concert had a lot of it.

It’s up to the timless Thrash Metal classics ‘Violent Revolution’ and ‘Pleasure to Kill’ to end a great concert and a tour that showed again why Kreator belongs to the leaders of Thrash Metal.

Last but not least this DVD/Bluray is the last release of Kreator with longtime band member ‘Speedy’ Giesler at the four string bass guitar. Giesler left Kreator last year. and the release is like a ‘thank you’ for all the years of providing an extreme groove with workhorse power.

Regardless if you’re already an owner of one of the earlier live release, ‘London Apocalypticon – Live at the Roundhouse’ needs to be part of your collection. Mille ad Kreator are pioneers of Thrash Metal in Europe and their story, with this live release being a next chapter, will continue for sure. The ‘hordes of chaos’ strenghten their neck-muscles and most probably hold their ticket for the upcoming tour in spring 2020 already in hands.


  1. The Four Horsemen Choir of the Damned
  2. Enenmy of God
  3. Hail to the Hordes
  4. Awakening of the Gods
  5. People of the Lie
  6. Gods of Violence
  7. Satan is Real
  8. Mars Mantra
  9. Phantom Antichrist
  10. Fallen Brother
  11. Flag of Hate
  12. Phobia
  13. Hordes of Chaos
  14. The Patriarch
  15. Violent Revolution
  16. Please to Kill
  17. Apocalypticon

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: February 14th, 2020



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