Review KREATOR ‘Hate über alles’

Five years have gone by since ‘Gods of Violence’ has been released and now it is up to ‘Hate Über Alles’ to continue Kreator’s incredible journey through the world of riffs. The German metal veterans can look back on more than three decades of immaculate releases and extremely powerful live shows. Mille and his companions... Continue Reading →

HAMMERSHIP will premier in 2022

Hammership, that is heavy metal on the sea. It is a five day trip that starts and ends in Athens in August 2022. While cruising through the Mediterranean Sea, a cool line-up of metal bands is ready to provide powerful riff-based sounds. Headbanging under the blue Mediterranean sky. That is how the line-up looks like... Continue Reading →

CD review JUNGLE ROT ‘Jungle Rot’

(8/10) Jungle Rot's start in the first half of the nineties wasn't the easiest time for a metal band to enter the scene. Traditional metal faced a hard time during these years, a time when nu metal and grunge grew rapidly. However, the band from Wisconsin showed a lot of willpower and premiered in 1997... Continue Reading →

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