DVD review TRIBULATION ‘Live and Dead at Södra Teatern’

Tribulation seems to be a rather new band but has actually roots that go back to 2004. The break-through though came a few years ago with their third album ‘The Children of the Night’, followed by the excellent ‘Down Below’ release.

Nearly a year ago today, on December 8th, 2018, Tribulation performed a special show at a special venue. The venerable Södra Teatern in Stockholm’s South hosted the band for an extraordinary concert. As it should be in a theater, plays have different acts and so has this Tribulation concert. Also to mention is the fact that the show was seated, which also added to a special ambience.

After curator and master of cermony Orvar Säfström announced the band it was Act One that lasered in on the latest studio album. ‘Down Below’ has been performed live in its entirety and in chronological order. Supported by a subdued light show the quartet presented the dark beauty of the fourth album, rewarded with loud applause by fans.

After a break Act Two started with ‘Trollens Brudmarsch’ and further focussed on ‘The Formula of Death’ and ‘Children of the Night’.

It looks like more and more of these special shows take place and are captured for a later-on release as DVD/BluRay. ‘Live and Dead at Södra Teatern’ is one of these releases, this time showcasing a band that perfectly fit into such a scenery. Music, light and venue are perfectly supporting each other, amplifying the intensity of Tribulation’s songs. There are no more gimmicks needed than the fusion of the mentioned three components to make a Rock show special and very intense. ‘Live and Dead at Södra Teatern’ – a DVD that’s worth to watch.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


Akt I

  1. The Lament (Live at Södra Teatern)
  2. Nightbound (Live at Södra Teatern)
  3. Lady Death (Live at Södra Teatern)
  4. Subterranea (Live at Södra Teatern)
  5. Purgatorio (Live at Södra Teatern)
  6. Cries From the Underworld (Live at Södra Teatern)
  7. Lacrimosa (Live at Södra Teatern)
  8. The World (Live at Södra Teatern)
  9. Here Be Dragons (Live at Södra Teatern)

Akt II

  1. Trollens Brudmarsch (Live at Södra Teatern)
  2. Melancholia (Live at Södra Teatern)
  3. The Motherhood of God (Live at Södra Teatern)
  4. Rånda (Live at Södra Teatern)
  5. Ultra Silvam (Live at Södra Teatern)
  6. Guitar Solo (Live at Södra Teatern)
  7. Strange Gateways Beckon (Live at Södra Teatern)
  8. Strains of Horror (Live at Södra Teatern)

Label: Century Media

Genre: Gothic Metal

Release Date EU: November 15th, 2019



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