DVD review THE NEAL MORSE BAND ‘The Great Adventour – Live in Brno 2019’

The Neal Morse Band, that’s next to mastermind Neal Morse also drummer Mike Portnoy, Randy George (b), Eric Gillette (g/v) and Bill Hubauer (key/v). The quintet with names, reflecting the who is who of Prog Rock, was on tour on 2019, promoting the newest studio album ‘The Great Adventure’.

One of the 47 shows took place in Brno. The concert was captured and is the base for this DVD release. The Neal Morse Band performed the entire ‘The Great Adventure’ album in front of an enthusiastic crowd that night with a scenery, kept pretty basic. A bit of a masquerade here and there, and a video projection as backdrop have been the main visual elements, next to the usual light show. The focus thoug was fully on the music that with good reason belongs to the best the genre of Prog Rock has to offer these days.

Big soundscapes, multi-layered songs, exquisite solo sections and great melodies is what the studio album entails and it’s the perfect reproduction in a live environment that makes TheNeal Morse Band to the spearhead in contemporary progressive music.

‘The Great Adventour – Live in Brno 2019’ will bring a lot of joy and entertainment to the homes of Prog Rock fans. It’s a really cool thing to see the protagonists live at work, but last but not least it’s the music being the golden nugget of The Neal Morse Band. To enjoy it you might want to close your eyes once in a while, allowing you to dive into the world of the greatness of sounds by The Neal Morse Band.


1. Overture
2. The Dream Isn’t Over 

3. Welcome to the World 2019
4. A Momentary Change
5. Dark Melody
6. I Got To Run
7. To The River
8. The Great Adventure
9. Venture In Black

10. Hey Ho Let’s Go 
11. Beyond The Borders
12. Overture 2
13. Long Ago
14. The Dream Continues
15. Fighting With Destiny
16. Vanity Fair
17. Welcome To The World
18. The Element Of Fear
19. Child Of Wonder
20. The Great Despair
21. Freedom Calling
22. A Love That Never Dies
23. The Great Medley (Encore)

Bonus Material:
1. The Great Adventour USA Edition (Tour Documentary)
2. The Great Adventour Europe Edition (Tour Documentary
3. I Got To Run (Official Video)
4. The Great Adventure (Official Video)
5. Welcome To The World (Official Video)
6. The Great Despair (Official Video)

Label: Inside Out Music

Genre: Prog Rock

Release Date EU: March 6th, 2020



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