CD review REECE ‘Cacophony of Souls’

David Reece’s musical vita reads well. Accept, Bonfire and Bangalore Choir are bands the frontman enriched with his voice and vocals. Sainted Sinner was the latest musical endeavor that’s now followed by a next solo album, entitled ‘Cacophony of Souls’.

The first solo album of Reece dates back to the year 2009 and as eleven years ago also in 2020 it’s former U.D.O. guitarist Andy Susemihl providing solid riffs and furious solo parts to the mix. Next to the two guys we have Malte Frederik Burkert (b) and Andrea Gianangeli (d) in the line-up, delivering a solid rhythm-base in working horse manner.

‘Cacophony of Souls’ doesn’t bring so much new to the table. It’s more that you get well-prepared ‘Hausmannskost’ on the plate. Traditional Heavy Metal without frills is what this album is about. Attracting melodies (‘Cacophony of Souls’ and ‘A Prefect World’) are one part of this album while other tunes, like ‘Metal Voice’, are of racing speed and right in the face.

With ‘Over and Over’ and ‘Bleed’ the record also includes two songs that can’t compete with the rest, something that doesn’t carry too much weight on a 12 songs featuring longplayer. And since the final track, ‘No Disguise’, brings back the roaring Metal power the two weak spots on the tracklist can be excused.

David Reece and Andy Susemihl recorded a grooving oldschool Hard Rock / Metal album that shows again why the Amercian singer is such a constant player since many years.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Chasing the Shadows
  2. Blood on Our Hands
  3. Judgement Day
  4. Collective Anaesthesia
  5. Cacophony of Souls
  6. Another Life Another Time
  7. Metal Voice
  8. Over and Over
  9. Back in the Days
  10. A Perfect World
  11. Bleed
  12. No Disguise

Label: El Purto Records

Genre: Hard Rock / Metal

Release Date EU: March 13th, 2020


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