THE REVENANTS drop a second single

Rather quickly after having unleashed a first single, The Revenants drop a second single. The new song is called ‘Los Angeles’, also taken from the upcoming debut album ‘Ghosts’. Release date will be bon April 21stm 2023 and the album will come via El Puerto Records.

THE REVENANTS reveal album details

The Revenants, incl. Michelle Darkness (End Of Green), will release their debut album ‘Ghosts’ on April 21st, 20023 through El Puerto Records. The first song has been revealed already and there 19 more to come. A total of 20 songs will be spread over two CDs and this is how the tracklist looks like: Disc... Continue Reading →

UNDERTOW launched a new video

It was a great year for Undertow. The trade press celebrated the current album 'Bipolar' and the live concerts culminated at Metal Hammer Paradise festival. Therefore, at the end of the year, the "most underrated, best whatever metal band in the world" just says thank you and sends a thoughtful, calm video out into the... Continue Reading →

A day at the sea with UNDERTOW

Undertow have been one of the most respected bands in the German metal underground over the last 30 years. With great albums, the guys have rightly brought themselves into the limelight again and again, gaining a very solid fan base. Many of these fans are located in the north of Germany, a region where the... Continue Reading →

Review UNDERTOW ‚Bipolar‘

Metal force Undertow are no stranger when it comes to heavy metal from Germany. The band started in 1993 and has eight albums under their belt. The latest one was the smashing ‚Reap the Storm‘ record, that, as each of the earlier longplayers, was a critically acclaimed one. Four years later Undertow return with a... Continue Reading →

UNDERTOW will launch ‘Bipolar’ in July

German underground heroes Undertow announced a new album. ‘Bipolar’ is the title of their ninth longplayer and features nine new songs. The quartet continues their journey without moving away from the foundation of their sound. Heavy riffs, a strong groove and frontman Joschi’s unique voice, that is what became the Undertow trademarks, and they are... Continue Reading →

Review CROSSPLANE ‘Fastlane’

Two artworks of Motörhead classics could have been the inspiration for the new Crossplane album. ‘Iron Fist’ and ‘Orgasmatron’, if you blend the two it gets very similar to what the cover of ‘Fastlane’ looks like. And listening to the album proves that the influences of Lemmy and Co. don’t stop with the visuals. Crossplane... Continue Reading →

Review LAST DAYS OF EDEN ‘Butterflies’

‚Butterfly‘, that’s a word not that often used in heavy metal. Crazy Town had a very successful song in 2000 with such a title and Moonspell released an album called ‚The Butterfly Effect‘. For the rest, the colorful insects aren’t flying very often through the endless fields of heavy metal. October 15th, that is when... Continue Reading →

WITCHBOUND announce a new album

German metal veterans Witchbound announce a new album. 'End of Paradise' is the title of their new longplayer that will hit the shelves on April 30th. Witchbound, with some legendary Stormwitch members, unleashed the debut in 2015, an album that was built on song ideas generated by Harald Spengler, Stefan Kauffmann and Peter Langer. After... Continue Reading →

CD review MARYANN COTTON ‘Hallelujah’

The label info sheet talks about songs for convertible car cruises and they are right on the money. 'Hallelujah' is a musical accompaniment to a cabriolet ride into the Las Vegas sunset, music that doesn't leave any cliche untouched. Not more but also not less.

CD review REECE ‘Cacophony of Souls’

David Reece's musical vita reads well. Accept, Bonfire and Bangalore Choir are bands the frontman enriched with his voice and vocals. Sainted Sinner was the latest musical endeavor that's now followed by a next solo album, entitled 'Cacophony of Souls'. The first solo album of Reece dates back to the year 2009 and as eleven... Continue Reading →

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