A veteran band of UK Punk, that’s what Peter And The Test Tube Babies represents in 2020. It was back in 1978 when Peter Bywaters and Del Strangefish started the outfit and unveiled with ‘Elvis is Dead’ a first song the same year.

While drummers and bassists came and left, Bywaters and Strangefish stayed the driving forces of the Punk Rock outfit over all the decades. The year 2018 was a cornerstone for the band which includes inking a deal with Arising Empire Records as well as the recruiting of Nick Abnett (b) and Sam Fuller (d).

‘That Shallot’ was released rather quickly and here is the newest offer by Peter And The Test Tube Babies. ‘Fuctifano’ is the title of a 13 songs comprising album that starts with an intro called ‘Liver’s Layment’. An unusual piano-motive leads off the album, leading to the uptempo ‘Facebook Loser’ rather quickly. The song has been released as a single earlier and watching the video for the song is great fun.

It’s hard to pick some songs since the entire album is a great way to spend 33 minutes, over and over again. ‘Cydrated’ with the embedded brass sections is a grooving moment on ‘Fuctifano and it’s ‘Small Victories’ that bring the real Punk vibe to the table.

‘Ain’t Missing Her Yet’ is a track you shouldn’t miss, different and still 100% Peter And The Test Tube Babies and ‘Wanker’, with the female vocals, is another highlight on ‘Fuctifano’. With ‘Queen of Fucking Everything’ the end of the album comes far too early. Fortunately there is a ‘Start’-button that you can press again and I can assure you that you will use this button after running through the album for a first time. Peter And The Test Tube Babies in 2020 go strong. Peter and Del might got older but certainly not calmer. These guys still breathe the spirit of Punk Rock.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Liver’s Layment
  2. Facebook Loser
  3. Hell to Pay
  4. Cydrated
  5. Saturday Dad
  6. Gravy Train
  7. Ain’t Missing Her Yet
  8. Wanker
  9. Small Victories
  10. Punched Awake
  11. Tales of the Bleedin’ Obvious
  12. Screwed Down
  13. Queen of Fucking Everything
  14. Liver’s Layment (Reprise)

Label: Arise Empire

Genre: Punk Rock

Release Date EU: March 6th, 2020



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