CD review ALLEN/OLZON ‘Worlds Apart’

Although the album is released as Allen/Olzon it’s Swedish guitarist and producer Magnus Karlsson being a driving force behind this release. He was already deeply involved in the first three Allen/Lande albums and returns to the concept with a twist.

This time it’s Russell Allen and singer Anette Olzon sharing vocals on this new album. ‘Worlds Apart’ is the title of a release that features a bombastic sound, big melodies and great vocals. What’s obvious right away is that the two voice harmonize very well. Like reflected in the artwork, it’s the contrast of darkness and light that acts as a guiding line, stringing the eleven songs together in a good fashion.

The title track is one of the songs that reflects very well what the album stands for. Russell Allen and Anette Olzon are at very good voice and spiced up with well-crafted guitar solo parts the song is well-chosen name-giver for this record.

Tunes like ‘What If I Live’ use a bit too much of a standard formula but listening to the anthemic ‘No Sign of Life’ and the heavier riffs of ‘I’ll Never Leave You’ compensate for some more standardized moments on ‘Worlds Apart’.

This longplayer doesn’t reinvent Symphonic Metal. What it does though with its well-done songs is to spread a good vibe in dark days, reflecting professionalism and musical savvy. ‘Worlds Apart’ is an entertaining longplayer, done by musicians that know what they are doing – and they do it well. Fans of bigger soundscapes and a cinematic dramaturgy should have this longplayer on the shopping list.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Never Die
  2. Worlds Apart
  3. I’ll Never Leave You
  4. What If I Live
  5. Lost Soul
  6. No Sign Of Life
  7. One More Chance
  8. My Enemy
  9. Who You Really Are
  10. Cold Inside
  11. Who’s Gonna Stop Me Now

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Release Date EU: March 6th, 2020

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