CD review AVATAR ‘Hunter Gatherer’

What Avatar serve you with a new album is always something very hard to predict. Too much creativity and potential twists might end up on a new album. The surprise factor is actually the mere consistency of the band and their eighth longplayer ‘Hunter Gatherer’ doesn’t change the approach.

Avatar certainly belongs to the group of bands that doesn’t take the usual as a direction-giving lighthouse. The sound of the five Swedes has so many nuances and details that sometimes I wonder if they need all the theatric gimmicks. However, probably it’s creativity being in the lead here and since everything fits together very well, Avatar managed to become a well-respected player in Metal that delivers, next to good music, a whole experience.

‘Hunter Gatherer’ musically follows the approach of crafting songs that come with an own musical identity. None of the ten tracks on this record is off the shelf, manifested in the excellent ‘The Secret Door’. Atmospheric keyboards, together with some whistling, lead off the track. Vocals joining the peaceful atmosphere before a harsh musical twist brings heaviness to the table. Never losing a great melody as being the clue that keeps things together, Avatar rocks through this six minutes track by showing all they have in their toolkit.

A song certainly to mention too is the very heavy pounding ‘Colossus’, a tune that transfers the title into a perfect musical surrounding. If you listen to an Avatar album for the first time, you never know what you will get next. Too unpredictable is what the quintet come up with in their creative flow. There is the rocking ‘Scream Until You Wake’ with the furious solo section, followed by ‘Child’. As ‘The Secret Door’ also this tune shows the width of Avatar’s musical imprint, from melodic sing-a-long parts to harsh growling outbursts.

‘Gun’ is the calmer song on the album, bringing the soulful aspect of Avatar’s music to the fore. As a consequence of this emotional side step the next song brings back raging Metal. ‘When All But Force Has Failed’ is an uncompromising and merciless song that has both feet on the gas pedal, totally neglecting the brakes.

The cinematic ‘Wormhole’ is the grande finale of an album that stands for a next step in the rise of Avatar. Heavy, modern, dynamic, innovative and with countless twists, that’s Avatar’s sound and the guys execute it in perfection on ‘Hunter Gatherer’. Creativity seems to be a never-ending flow when it comes to the quintet from Sweden and funneling this flow into ten songs is he base for success. ‘Hunter Gatherer’, an album that entertains for a long time.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Silence in the Age of Apes
  2. Colossus
  3. A Secret Door
  4. God of Sick Dreams
  5. Scream Until You Wake
  6. Child
  7. Justice
  8. Gun
  9. When All But Force Has Failed
  10. Wormhole

Label: Century Media

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: August 7th, 2020



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