CD review DIE KRUPPS ‘Vision 2020 Vision’

Die Krupps are probably more ‘metal’ than many other bands, at least when it comes to band name and logo, using the three steel rings representing Krupp, the German steel enterprise.

But not only if it’s about the logo Die Krupps shows some ‘metal’, their music reflects some Metal elements too. Die Krupps started some decades ago with a first focus on EBM and Industrial sounds. The band appeared on the radar of metalheads in the early ’90s when they released their ‘Tribute to Metallica’. At the time Die Krupps shifted their music more towards Metal, resulting in a fusion of cold industrial beats, roaring guitar riffs and Engler’s typical vocals.

To strengthen the metallic aspect in Die Krupps’ music no less than Heathen guitarist Lee Altus joined the band being part of excellent records like ‘II – The Final Option’, ‘III Odyssey of Mind’ and ‘Paradise Now’.

Time went on and we have 2020 right ahead of us, the right moment for Engler and Dörpers to share their ‘Vision 202 Vision’. The guys captured their view and vision in thirteen songs. It’s not a very positive picture they sketch.

‘Vision 2020 Vision’ is a concept album with music, artwork and lyrics supporting each other. Fights in the streets, powerless governments and chaos is the depressive outlook, described in songs like ‘Extinction Time’ and ‘Vision 2020 Vision’.

When it comes to music ‘Vision 2020 Vision’ can easily handle comparisons with the great records of the ’90s. Pounding industrial beats and heavy riffs are in perfect sync, leading to excellent tracks like ‘Fuck You’ and ‘Wolfen (Her Pack)’. With ‘Obacht’ the album features a song with German lyrics too and you wonder why you would need records from bands like Rammstein and Oomph if you can have ‘Vision 2020 Vision’.

A track that belongs to the highlight is ‘Carpet Crawler’. It’s a Genesis cover version, an interesting interpretation of a classic coming out of the Peter Gabriel era. Another highlight for sure comes at the end. ‘Human’ rounds off the album and belongs to best tracks on this release. Hypnotic beats and well-placed guitars create an oppressive atmosphere that gives you the shivers.

Although Die Krupps envision a chaotic future with their newest album it’s exactly this longplayer that has the potential to make the band shining brighter again on the radar screen of metalheads. If you like Die Krupps releases from the early ’90s you should check out ‘Vision 2020 Vision’.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


1. Vision 2020 Vision
2. Welcome to the Blackout
3. Trigger Warning
4. Wolfen (Her Pack)
5. Extinction Time
6. Carpet Crawlers
7. Fires
8. Obacht
9. DestiNation Doomsday
10. Alllies
11. Fuck You
12. Active Shooter Situation
13. Human

Label: Steamhammer

Genre: Industrial

Release Date EU: November 15th, 2019



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