CD review CRASHDÏET ‘Rust’

(8/10) Swedish hard rockers Crashdïet are a band that didn’t take the easy way. Their journey, starting in 2000, was a bumpy ride with many ups and serious downs. The first stroke of fate hit the band in 200 when frontman and founding member Dave Lepard committed suicide. After some first thoughts of stopping with the band they guys decided to continue with Crashdïet and a new singer.

What followed have been several line-up changes. Martin Sweet, Peter London and Eric Young are the core of the quartet and it’s especially the man behind the mic that changed a few times. In 2017 Gabriel Keyes took over vocal duties and ‘Rust’ is the first longplayer with him adding energetic vocals to Crashdïet’s Hard Rock.

Six long years after ‘The Savage Playground’ was released it’s the new record showcasing a band that is as vital as maybe never before. ‘Rust’ comes with an eleven songs comprising tracklist, each of them being a hot shot. Crashdïet’s sound includes a lot of Sleaze Rock from the ‘80s, which the guys combine with an anarchic punk vibe and some Metal too.

The title track is also the opener of the album and sets the base for the album. A strong groove and great hooks are main pillars of the opener. ‘Idiots’ is another well-crafted rocker and with ‘In the Maze’ the first soulful moments reaches your eardrums. The song’s a dynamic ballad that avoids cliché and touches instead. ‘Crazy’ is what the career of the guys looked like and it a song on the album you shouldn’t miss. Fueled by pure Rock power the track is an energizer, one out of many more.

The beauty with ‘Rust’ is the fact that Hard Rock and Sleaze Rock get this extra authentic touch. Crashdïet doesn’t make up things. Stories life told them left some traces and it’s those giving the album street vibe. Instead of painting fingernails ‘Rust’ stand for Sleaze Rock with some dirt under the fingernails if you will.



  1. Rust
  2. Into The Wild
  3. Idiots
  4. In The Maze
  5. We Are The Legion
  6. Crazy
  7. Parasite
  8. Waiting For Your Love
  9. Reptile
  10. Stop Weirding Me Out
  11. Filth & Flowers

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Sleaze Rock

Release Date EU: September 13th, 2019



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