CD review RAM ‘The Throne Within’

(9/10) Swedish Metal maniacs RAM faces a jubilee in 2019. Two decades in Heavy Metal speaks for itself, showing the quality of songs and music.

RAM began slowly and step by step. The debut ‘Forced Entry’ was unleashed in 2005 and since then four additional longplayers have been released. Two years after ‘Rod’ saw the light of day the five Swedes return to the scene with ‘The Throne Within’.

Although hailing from Gothenburg RAM isn’t into Death Metal. Their passion sits with traditional Heavy Metal, inspired by the sound of the NWoBHM and album number fortunately six doesn’t take a different direction.

To mention it right away, ‘The Throne Within’ is an excellent Heavy Metal album. The significance of this release is based on RAM cracking the code of transferring an oldschool vibe into modern times. Songs like ‘Blades of Betrayal’ are sonic dynamite with the potential to blow your speaker. ‘Violence (is Golden)’ is another example for RAM firing on all cylinders. Both songs belong to the shorter ones on the album while the bigger part is beyond the five minutes.

Especially the bottom half of the tracklist is fueled by epic Heavy Metal songs, being long but for sure not lengthy. Seven minutes of ‘No Refuge’ are a treat for headbanger’s ears, a moment when screaming guitars meet well-crafted vocal melodies. The mid-tempo number is a highlight on ‘The Throne Within’ and the more melodic ‘Spirit Reaper’ doesn’t show any weakness either. Judas Priest delivered some inspiration for ‘Spirit Reaper’ while ‘Fang and Fur’ reflects Accept-influences.

Last but not least there is with ‘Ravnfell’ an anthemic closing of this nine tracks featuring album. Frontman Oscar Carlqvist gets some support by no less than Primordial’s Alan Averill with both giving the album the great ending it deserves.

After twenty years in Metal RAM is still hungry. That’s what ‘The Throne Within’ reflects from start to end, an album that showcases the beauty of Heavy Metal.



  1. The Shadowwork
  2. Blades Of Betrayal
  3. Fang and Fur
  4. Violence (is Golden)
  5. The Trap
  6. No Refuge 
  7. Spirit Reaper
  8. You All Leave
  9. Ravnfell

Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: September 13th, 2019



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