CD review DUST & BONES ‘The Great Damnation Stereo Parade’

(7/10) It’s a wide range of influences that have an impact on Dust & Bones. Simple and good Rock’n’Roll is enriched by some punk vibes and some bluesy tones dominates ‘The Great Damnation Stereo Parade’, Dust & Bones’ newest album.

Dust & Bones, that Dirk Ertelt (g), Bernd Biedenbach (g), Thorsten Klöpfer (v/b), Sven Vöhri (v) and Jarle Boe (d). This quintet, hailing from Backnang, Germany has their fourth album in the starting blocks, fueled by a strong passion for spicy riffs and a well-done groove.

Dust & Bones certainly like The Ramones. At least its songs like ‘Get the World Sucker’ that reminds a lot of the NYC punk legend. A bit of Bad Religion’s ‘Punk Rock Song’ comes back with ‘Bad Commando’ while it’s bold Heavy Rock ‘Dream in Infrared’ inviting for a new round of headbanging. Powerful Hard Rock is what you get with ‘Kings of the End” and it’s Danko Jones that comes to my mind when listening to this track. and yes, ‘Next Evil Thing’ represents some Social Distortion vibes.

Like mentioned, ‘The Great Damnation Stereo Parade’ covers many different genres. Such an approach delivers on the one hand some great variety and also runs the risk of delivering a fragmented listening experience. Album number four contains good songs, no doubt, and it might be album number five that will show more of Dust & Bones’ own sound and less of the obvious influencers.



  1. Get he World Sucker
  2. Go Go Go!
  3. Freerider
  4. Dream in Infrared
  5. Shaky Mountain
  6. Nail You to the Wall (With Rock’n’Roll)
  7. Bad Commando
  8. Next Evil Thing
  9. Kings of the End
  10. Outlaw
  11. Kill Your Time

Label: El Puerto Records

Genre: Heavy Rock

Release Date EU: August 23rd, 2019



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